Dr. Gedik suggested that digital screens, which had to be used longer, especially during the pandemic period, are very tiring for the eyes, and that those with persistent headaches should have an eye examination.

If it lasts more than 6 months

Dr. Sansal Gedik recommended that headaches, which increase rapidly during the pandemic period and greatly reduce the quality of life, may be caused by eye disorders, and that those who suffer from endless ligament pain should have an eye examination with the recommendation of a neurologist. Noting that 90 percent of the world’s population suffers from headaches in some way, Dr. Gedik explained that 3 percent of these patients were found to have deteriorated eye health as the cause of their headaches.

Stating that there are two types of headaches as primary and secondary causes of headache, Dr. Chansal Gedik said, “Secondary headaches that develop due to another disease can pose a serious danger depending on the cause of the underlying disease. It is necessary to approach more carefully the headaches that start in childhood or advanced ages, appear during pregnancy, do not respond to treatment and last longer than 6 months, occur in patients with another underlying disease, are felt more when lying down or stand up, and are accompanied by vomiting. .

Do not read while lying face down and in the dark.

Dr. Sansal Gedik said that 2-3% of headaches can be caused by the eye and related disorders in general, and that some of the headaches caused by other underlying causes are caused by the eye itself, and some of them are headaches caused by a different reason, but in which the eyes and nerves can also be affected. he added. Gedik continued:

“Uncorrected refractive errors in terms of eye diseases, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, differences in refractive errors between the eyes, eye pressure, dry eyes and computer usage habits, reading or working environment lighting should be reviewed in a new-onset headache.

The contractions of the muscles around the eyes that occur during the use of uncorrected and inappropriate glasses can cause headaches. Again, in cases where the intraocular pressure rises and the eye structure is smaller than normal, the headache may increase with habits such as trying to read in the dark and face down. In cases where dry eye continues untreated for a long time, eye pain and headache may occur due to increased contraction of the eyelids around the eyes and eye surface problems.

Beware of digital screens

“Again, reading and watching habits from close range, with insufficient resolution and not large enough screens, have also caused an increase in both eyestrain and headaches in recent years. Again, headaches may occur in cases where the illumination is directly towards the eyes, colored illuminations that are not close to daylight are preferred, and the blue screen lighting usage times increase in the background. It is known that the use of screens on computers and similar devices for a long time, especially during the pandemic period, will reduce the blink reflex and cause eye dryness, thereby triggering and increasing the feeling of pain and discomfort related to the eye.

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