Ophthalmologist Op, explaining the causes of yellow spot disease, a retinal disorder characterized by the deterioration of the macula in the eye, the precautions to be taken and the treatment options. Dr. Birtan Öztürk stated that 30 million people around the world are affected by this disease.


Stating that yellow spot disease ranks third among eye diseases that result in vision loss, Op. Dr. Öztürk said, “It is the most important cause of vision loss in developed countries. The number of people affected by this disease in the world is approximately 30 million. It mostly affects over 50 years of age. It is chronic and progressive. “It is not difficult to predict that this disease will gradually create a more serious clinical picture in an environment where it is predicted that the average life expectancy in the world and in Turkey will increase even more.”

Kiss. Dr. Öztürk said, “Early diagnosis, treatment and regular control in yellow spot disease are very important for the protection and improvement of vision. The macula is the region at the back of the eye, located in the center of the retina, responsible for ninety percent of visual acuity and detailed, central and colored vision of the eye. Protecting the macula is the most important target in eye diseases, ”he said.


Stating that there are two types of yellow spot disease, wet and dry, Op. Dr. Öztürk said, “The first is the dry type, the common form of the disease, and this condition results in slow but progressive visual impairment, 85-90 percent of this type. Age type is a more serious form of the disease and progresses rapidly. This disease is the main cause of vision loss in older ages and occurs in approximately 10-15 percent of patients. It occurs with the abnormal development of blood vessels at the back of the eye. Blood and fluid leakage from these vessels into the macula may cause loss of central vision. Growth and shrinkage when looking at objects in far and near vision. It creates differences in the image such as strain, ”he said.


Emphasizing that the frequency of yellow spot disease increases with advancing age, Op. Dr. Öztürk said, “Yellow spot disease is seen in 15 percent in 65-74 years old, 25 percent in 75-84 years old, and 30 percent in people aged 85 and over. Yellow spot disease is seen in one out of every three people over the age of 75. People with yellow spot disease in their family have a higher risk of developing this disease. “The risk of vision loss due to smoking, vitamin deficiency, and yellow spot disease of the white race is higher than that of the black race.”


Saying that women have a higher risk for yellow spot disease compared to men of the same age, Op. Dr. Öztürk said, “Risks such as pale eyes, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, heart enlargement. Clinical studies reveal a link between early and intermediate yellow spot disease progression to advanced stage and obesity. In order to prevent yellow spot disease, 100 percent ultraviolet protection sunglasses should be used from an early age. If you are 50 years or older, it will be meaningful to have an eye examination regularly and to be examined especially in terms of the macula, ie the fundus ”.

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