Experts state that orthopedic problems have begun to appear due to the home-working system. According to a study conducted in Italy, Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said that the most important reason for this is that the home environment is not suitable for working ergonomics.


Pointing out that different reasons such as working inactive and continuously for a long time, not exercising and unsuitable working environment are effective in the development of the problems, Assoc. Dr. “Many people have to work in the kitchen, living room, and unsuitable chairs of their home. Moreover, if the working time is prolonged and working without a break, waist, neck, shoulder and back pain are inevitable. For this reason, we see that the complaints have increased ”.


Stating that working by tilting the head forward for a long time, especially on laptop computers, four times the pressure on the head and neck muscles, Assoc. Dr. Stating that this causes an increase in back and neck pain, Meriç said, “The screen that is not at eye level disrupts the upright sitting and increases the load especially in the waist area. For this reason, personal precautions to be taken to avoid possible orthopedic disorders will be very beneficial, ”he said.


Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said, “You should be careful to keep your computer screen at eye level. For this, you should try to prevent your head from bending forward by placing a book-like booster under your laptop or desktop. Unfortunately, the chairs we use at home are not suitable for long periods of sitting and working. For this reason, we recommend that the working chair be an ergonomic office type working chair ”and said that if possible, the chair that is worked in the office can be brought home and used.

Emphasizing that it is necessary to take small breaks every hour while working at home, Meriç said, “It will be beneficial to make the muscles move by taking a few steps in the house with the excuse of going to the toilet or drinking water. During small breaks, we recommend doing stretching exercises, especially for the waist, back and leg muscles. During the study, care should be taken to keep the knees at an angle of 90 degrees with the hip joint and your spine to be in a vertical position with the legs parallel to the floor. If the individual has severe back and back pain, he can use a back support with an office chair. Exercises can be done during the day in accordance with the body type in order to strengthen the muscles. For this, especially online programs can be used, ”he said.


Stating that in another study, it was determined that 35 percent of home-workers complain about inactivity. Dr. Gökhan Meriç stated that the employees also complained that their joint and back pain increased due to not being able to move enough.

Stating that immobility due to working from home causes muscle loss and this causes an increase in pain, Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said, “The most suitable exercises to be done at home are pilates and yoga style exercises. “Tabata, which includes intense cardio especially for weight loss, should be careful during HITT exercises and avoid overloading to the extent that your body allows.”


Assoc. Dr. Meriç listed the things that should be considered in order to avoid possible injuries during home exercises:

“Be careful to do exercises suitable for your body type. Before exercise, be careful to avoid possible muscle cramps and damage by stretching and stretching movements and extending the muscle length. If you experience pain in your knees while squatting, stay away from exercises such as squat lounge. Do not do the exercises for more than an hour. 45 minutes of exercises at home will be sufficient. During cardio-based exercises involving jumping, where you need to stay up for a long time, be sure to wear shoes in order to be protected from discomfort such as tendinitis and edema that may develop around the soles of the feet. If there is pain or swelling in the joints during or after the exercise, stop immediately and put ice on the painful area. If your complaints continue, be sure to consult an expert. “


Yeditepe University Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Assoc. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said, “Due to the compression of the nerves especially at the wrist level for a long time, numbness and pain in the fingers can be experienced. To avoid this situation, hourly breaks should be given, stretching and stretching exercises should be done, and the pressure on this area should be reduced with mousepad and laptop wrist protective sponges. If the complaints increase and the numbness continues, a specialist should be consulted, ”he concluded.

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