Yoga instructor Manolya Öğüt has been preparing pregnant women for birth with yoga for about 5 years. Öğüt, who gives both group and private lessons, organizes online sessions on Zoom due to the coronavirus epidemic, as well as those in the studio. Stating that women can go through pregnancy and puerperium more comfortably thanks to yoga, Öğüt said, “The current number of group classes in the studio has decreased due to the pandemic. I teach with groups of 4 at most. Apart from that, we started online classes.

Students can attend the lessons from the platform on the computer, tablet, computer or phone. In this way, they do not go through the isolation processes alone. They find the opportunity to socialize with people who are in the process of pregnancy like them, and they are supported physically and psychologically during this period. ”Öğüt explained that pregnant women in İzmir showed great interest in yoga and stated that participation increased when those who benefited from pregnant yoga told their friends. Öğüt stated that women whose mobility does not decrease can continue their daily life during pregnancy.

“There is a lot of difference between normal yoga and pregnancy yoga. This requires a special training. Because the intra-abdominal pressure should not be reduced. We definitely do not apply one-to-one application to the abdominal muscles. There are also differences in breathing types. Arm, back and leg muscles are strengthened. At the same time, you can relax. Because we have a fast pace in daily life. The muscles are always contracted. We have to release the muscles during normal birth. We should learn to relax. We should learn to relax. This should be experienced in advance. makes it easier to recover. “


Hatice Altıner Ökçün (36), who explained that she started yoga after passing the critical period of the first 3 months of her pregnancy, stated that she was physically and biologically relaxed thanks to yoga because she had been at home for a long time during the coronavirus period. Ökçün, “I am in the 35th week of my pregnancy. I started yoga at the 16th week. So the first 3 months of critical period has passed. I am very pleased. As a person with a hernia, it relaxed me both physically and mentally. In general, I am very satisfied. The best thing I did during pregnancy. I can say this, “he said.

Saying that she calmed down and found peace with yoga, Gizem Var (29) stated that she felt more calm and energetic and said:

“I am in the 18th week of pregnancy. I started yoga in the 14th week. I had researches on yoga before. When I got pregnant, I did a research on pregnant yoga and started with the doctor’s permission. Everything is going very well. I know my baby is feeling. Good luck I started. I aimed to have a calmer pregnancy and to be more prepared on the way to the birth. I have reached my goal. When you do any sport, you focus only on sports, but in yoga you focus on the baby. Your ears are closed to the outside world. You only think of your baby and yourself. “

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