Many different researches about the formation of flesh spots continue today. In the light of these researches, certain factors come to the fore regarding why moles occur.

Meat-me existence belonging to family members
Insulin resistance
had type 2 diabetes
Presence of human papilloma virus (HPV)
In general, the above reasons are among the important factors in the emergence of flesh and me. In other words, depending on genetic factors and some diseases that will appear later, moles may occur in different parts of the body.

Many people who have moles in different parts of their body can not stand it in some cases and can interfere with them, even if it is small. At the same time, even if it is not touched at all, it comes among the issues that are wondering whether it will fall by itself. Particularly, moles with thin stems may naturally fall off in some cases.

Of course, in some cases, it can be broken by being destroyed by the person. Spontaneous fall of the mole during the period when it is not infected does not pose any problem. However, if the mole falls off by scratching or through different interventions, then it is absolutely necessary to see a specialist doctor early.

Over time, moles may appear on the neck and around the eyes, along with the armpits. Skin moles, which cause a very uncomfortable feeling, cannot usually be rinsed without touching. It is possible to state that such moles do not pose any serious health problems. But when it comes to tearing moles, serious problems can be encountered.

Because in such cases, there is a possibility that skin moles can turn into cancer. Because this means forcing a skin mole attached to the body. This can lead to some undesirable conditions in the body. That’s why, in general, it is dangerous to cut me off and it is not necessary to intervene individually.

Although it is a visually disturbing condition, many people are trying to get information about how to treat meatballs. In this context, there are some main treatment methods that are discussed in the presence of specialist doctors.

Electro surgery
Surgical methods
In general, the above treatment methods are considered as a treatment based on the diagnosis with the examination to be made. Of course, the district has an important potential at the point of diagnosis of a certain process through them and lesions.

Even if the scientific certainty is not fully revealed, there are also some natural treatment methods for the factor. Especially applying apple cider vinegar along with lemon juice and tea tree is one of these methods. But if the flesh is plucked, then these natural methods are unlikely to work. In such cases, it is of great importance to immediately consult a doctor and get support.

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