Why Does Ear Bleeding, How Does It Pass?

The most obvious cause of ear bleeding is the ingress of foreign bodies. Especially young children and in some cases adults can use various methods to clean their ears. In cases where it is not used carefully and carefully, ear litter, matches and similar materials cause bleeding by piercing the eardrum. In such cases, the right thing to do is definitely not to intervene on your own and to get the help of a specialist doctor. Informing your doctor in detail instead of removing these foreign bodies in the ear alone will prevent many problems caused by wrong intervention.

Pressure change is also among the important factors that cause blood to come from the ear. Sudden changing pressure can easily pierce the sensitive eardrum and cause bleeding. The measures that can be taken against such situations are quite simple and are as follows;

  • Avoiding sudden pressure changes in positive and negative directions
  • Taking precautions with protective clothing when necessary
  • Waiting for a while for the body to adapt to the pressure

Ear bleeding that occurs in sudden pressure situations are among the health problems that are easily treated. Usually, the healing time of the eardrum is accelerated by using drops and derivatives. Although it is very rare, in some cases, damaged eardrum can be treated with surgery.

The types of trauma that are commonly encountered today can also cause damage and rupture of the eardrum. The process that continues with blood coming from the ear is one of the measures taken by the body against internal bleeding in traumas. For this reason, it is very important to be sensitive about occupational health and safety issues, especially when carrying out physical work, and to avoid actions that will cause harm to yourself or other people around you. Instead of intervening in cases of head trauma, first aid teams should be contacted as soon as possible and detailed information should be given about the incident.

It is known that foreign bodies that directly damage the external auditory canal and eardrum cause bleeding. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to stay away from such hygiene materials to clean the ear. Another thing that causes ear bleeding is a tumor, which is a rare condition. Tumors that usually occur in the middle ear and teeth can cause blood to come from the ear. In such cases, it is the best step for the specialist to diagnose and follow an appropriate treatment method for the type of disease.

How Is Blood From The Ear Treated?

If the reason for the blood coming from the ear is caused by foreign materials escaping into it, a simple process is followed. In these cases, which usually do not require surgical operation, foreign bodies are correctly removed by the specialist. Since the body can already repair the eardrum on its own, doctors only supplement with ancillary drugs that can speed up the process. In some cases, if deemed necessary by doctors, the eardrum can be re-sutured by surgical intervention.

The processes that doctors will follow in cases of trauma start with finding the source of the problem. The condition that caused the head trauma and the damaged areas are detected using various imaging equipment. Then, the necessary surgical activities are carried out to repair the damaged area and to restore the person’s former health.

Blood coming from the ear is one of the body’s stimulating systems, usually for a reason. For this reason, when such situations are encountered, it is useful to apply to the nearest health institution instead of following treatment methods on your own.

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