Causes of Back Acne?

One of the leading skin problems is acne. Most people experience acne, especially during adolescence. Apart from the face, the acne in the back area is at least as uncomfortable as in the face area.

Back pimples are caused by bacteria and blocked pores of the skin. Just like the acne in the face area, the cause of the acne in the back area is oily. Oily skin also increases acne formation. When dead skin cells combine with bacteria, they cause clogging of the pores. For this reason, it is possible to encounter pimples frequently in the back area.

Another reason for acne on the back is fatty liver. People with fatty liver disease may experience pimples, especially on their back. In addition, tight-fitting clothes, unhealthy diet, frequent consumption of fatty foods, stress and hormonal changes also cause acne in the back area.

Which disease is the symptom of acne on the back?

While acne in the face area is usually a normal situation, acne in the back area is a situation that should be considered. Stubborn and persistent acne can be a harbinger of some cysts. In case of such stubborn pimples, it is absolutely necessary to get help from a specialist doctor.

Pimples that do not go away on the back also indicate that insulin resistance may be increased. If pimples, which are normal during adolescence, continue after adolescence, they should be taken into consideration and a specialist should be consulted.

How to Get Acne on the Back?

Although acne in the back area is very common, especially in adolescence, it is necessary to pay attention to constantly recurring and persistent pimples. Therefore, what to do for acne is a matter of curiosity. The first thing to do for acne on the back is to apply to a specialist. The necessary treatment method can be determined by consulting a specialist. Apart from this, it is possible to get rid of acne with some natural methods at home.

How to Get Rid of Back Acne?

There are simple methods you can apply at home to reduce or completely dry back acne. One of them is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is a natural method used in many skin problems. Apple cider vinegar to be used for acne in the face area can also be used in the back area.

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial properties. Therefore, it helps to clean the pores on the skin and get rid of oil from the skin. Apple cider vinegar can be used as follows:

– A glass of water and 1 tablespoon of vinegar should be mixed.

– The prepared mixture should be applied on the pimples by massaging.

– It should be kept in this way for 10 minutes and rinsed with warm water.

– After drying with a clean cloth, a water-based moisturizer should be applied.

– This method to be applied can be applied until the pimples disappear.

Another method to be applied for acne on the back is tea tree oil. Because tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it absorbs the oil easily when applied on acne and helps to eliminate acne in the back area. Tea tree oil should be used as follows:

– First, 2 drops of tea tree structure should be dropped on the cotton swab.

– It should be applied on the pimples and kept for 15 minutes.

In addition, this oil can be mixed with honey and used.

If you have sensitive skin, tea tree oil should be diluted with water and used as such.

– For this, 3 drops of water can be used for 1 drop of pine tree oil.

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