Prolonged hunger, inability to smoke, thirst, a deteriorated sleep system and an unfamiliar diet of the digestive system can negatively affect the whole body. This situation causes the nervous system to be worn or completely destroyed.

This is the biggest reason why people are aggressive during the month of Ramadan. The person who thinks that his blood sugar level is low and that he is deprived of many things, behaves he does not have. Of course, these attitudes can be controlled. Although we give a meaning to everything we do and make an excuse, there is definitely a solution if desired.

Even if we cannot change things, we can change the effect we have on us by changing the meaning we attribute to it.

We cannot expect someone who sees the month of Ramadan as hunger, thirst, deprivation of everything and insomnia to spend this process with warm and sincere feelings.

You cannot expect someone who sees this period as self-discipline, learning to control himself, gaining the ability to manage his thoughts, treatment of the digestive system, control of weight, calmness and spiritual peace to get angry or offend people in this process.

The reactions of those who look at the month of Ramadan as deprivation and those who look at it as many physical and spiritual gains will not be the same. Let’s first look at what kind of meaning we attribute to the Ramadan fast. Then to our reactions. We will see that; Our response is in the right proportion with the meaning we attribute. The best thing to do for stress and anger control is to reconsider and reconstruct the meanings we upload. Even if the event or situation does not change, the reaction given will change when the meaning changes.

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