Prof. Dr. Bülent Şerbetçioğlu made a statement on the occasion of March 3, World Ear and Hearing Day. Prof. Dr. Bülent Şerbetçioğlu said, “Hearing aids ensure proper amplification of speech sounds in a way to provide quality communication. If the hearing loss is in both ears, if it is severe or severe, a cochlear implant is applied with surgery. When these conditions are met, the obstacle in front of speech is removed.


Stating that although there are many different causes of hearing loss, the most common and dramatic in terms of consequences is congenital hearing loss. Dr. Bülent Şerbetçioğlu made the following statements in his written statement:

“Babies begin hearing the mother’s womb. Most babies is born reacts to noise. We call congenital hearing loss to innate hearing loss. The problem for hindering congenital hearing loss, speech and the learning of the mother tongue to diagnose early is very important. Therefore, every newborn in Turkey The effect of hearing loss is not as dramatic as congenital hearing loss. Hearing loss experienced after learning the mother tongue and speech has limited damage to brain development. Because speaking has been learned. “


Touching on three different types of hearing loss, Prof. Dr. Şerbetçioğlu listed them as follows:

“Conductive hearing loss in outer and middle ear diseases, receiver type hearing loss in inner ear and auditory nerve diseases, and when these two types of hearing loss are in the same ear, mixed type hearing loss is mentioned.”


Explaining that families have a role in determining hearing loss in children in the early period, Prof. Dr. Şerbetçioğlu said, “Today, babies can leave the hospital after passing the hearing screening test. However, it is necessary not to ignore the hearing loss that may occur later. There are some diagnostic methods that parents can apply to their children. For example, while the child is lying on one ear and falling asleep from infancy, his mother’s 1 Does he wake up when he hears the moderate aeuosz sounds he says from a meter distance? Can he turn towards the moderate voices coming from the side and behind after the sixth month? Does he look back at his name after the ninth month? Can he produce a meaningful word when he is one year old? If there is a negative observation even in one of these methods, a physician should be consulted immediately, “he said.


Explaining that the hearing tests of children are performed by audiologists working in hospitals, Şerbetçioğlu completed his words as follows:

“Children with hearing impairment are diagnosed early, and the necessary treatment and instrumentation are applied. There is no significant difference in motor development, balance and general coordination among children who are trained in this field. If the hearing impairment can respond to medication or surgical treatment, we prefer this first. Permanently healthy hearing is ensured. If this is not possible, we use digital hearing aids. Hearing aids ensure proper amplification of speech sounds to provide quality communication. If the hearing loss involves both ears and is severe or severe, then a cochlear implant is surgically applied. Thus, the obstacle to the conversation is removed. “

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