Experts point out that individuals with erotomania should not be discussed about their delusions.

Psychologist Cemre Ece Gökpınar shared important information about erotomania, which is evaluated in the delusional psychiatric group, along with treatment methods.

They make statements that confirm their delusions

Clinical Psychologist Cemre Ece Gökpınar said, ‘Erotomania is a psychiatric disorder evaluated in delusional disorders group’ and continued her words as follows:

“The person usually thinks that someone who is in a higher position or in a more difficult position is in love or having an affair with him. This person may be a person he works with from time to time, a stranger he sees on the road, or a famous person. This situation cannot be disproved by discussing it with the person and cannot be persuaded by reasonable explanations. By defending this situation systematically, one can always find explanations to confirm this delusion.

He does not come near me because we can talk about examples such as he does not want to be heard, waiting for the right time. From time to time, it can be observed that people do not show any other symptoms other than this area and that their functionality is intact. “

Erotomania can be seen in episodes of bipolar disorder

Emphasizing that erotomania is one of the psychotic disorders, Gökpınar said, “However, in bipolar mood disorders, we can still encounter erotomanic delusions during attacks. For example, a patient in a manic episode may believe that an artist is in love with him, that he wrote a song for him and that the sentence he uttered on a television show is actually a message to him.

Who can have erotomania?

Gökpınar stated that erotomania is likely to be seen as a symptom in people diagnosed with psychiatric disorders such as bipolar mood disorder, psychotic disorder and delusional disorder, and stated that similar pictures can be observed in some personality disorders.

They should be treated with a multidisciplinary approach.

Clinical Psychologist Cemre Ece Gökpınar said that erotomania can mostly be controlled with medication and concurrent psychotherapy and concluded her words as follows:

“In erotomania, it is very important to develop a personalized treatment protocol and the treatment team to continue multidisciplinary treatment together.

Additional treatments can be applied to the person if necessary and evaluations of the psychiatrist. In case of another psychiatric disorder accompanying erotomania, for example bipolar disorder, the course and response of the treatment may vary. In such a case, the person should not be approved and at the same time this issue should not be discussed with the person. “

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