The vaccination process continues in the fight against coronavirus. Citizens were given the right to choose with the introduction of the Biontech vaccine, which started with Sinovac for the first time. Many people were undecided about the choice of vaccine. Sinovac vaccine is administered in family medicine practices only in hospitals due to Biontech storage conditions. According to the latest information, the Ministry of Health has taken action to apply the BioNTech vaccine in family medicine. So, which vaccine is more effective, which one to choose? Should it be done by Biontech or Sinovac?

To date, serious side effects have not been encountered in both clinical studies and current vaccine applications for COVID-19 vaccines. Side effects after vaccination are often mild. These are usually; These are mild side effects such as fatigue, headache, fever, chills, muscle/joint pain, vomiting, diarrhea, pain in the injection area, redness and swelling. However, without ignoring the possibility of allergic reactions, although rare, it should not be forgotten to apply to the nearest health institution in case of any discomfort after vaccination and to inform the physician that you have recently been vaccinated.


While there is no side effect in the first dose of Biontech vaccine, short-term side effects may occur in the second dose. It occurs in connection with the reactions of the body’s defense mechanism after the second dose. Accordingly, the antibody level of the body is higher in MRNA vaccines compared to inactivated virus vaccines. Biontech can be said to be more effective than the sinovac vaccine in terms of effectiveness and protection. According to experts, people infected with the virus do not need to be vaccinated for a certain period of time. Their protection continues for at least six months with high antibody levels.


-It is produced by traditional methods.

– By disintegrating and neutralizing the virus, our immunity is stimulated without harming our body.

-Long-term effects can be discussed more clearly compared to other vaccines.

-They are considered safer in the first stage because they contain killed viruses.

It can be stored at -2-8°C.

-Production is more difficult and slower than others.

-According to the interim evaluation results of the phase III study conducted in Turkey, the effectiveness of the vaccine was determined as 91.25%.

Sinovac vaccine falls into this class.


It is aimed to create immunity in humans by supporting a virus (adenovirus) that causes flu-like illness with the Coronavirus protein after genetic intervention.

-These vaccines; Zika has been in phase III for a long time against viral diseases like Chikungunya.

Although the microorganisms in the vaccines are alive, they cannot cause disease in humans because they are weakened.

-The advantage is that they can be stored at 2-8°C, that is, in routinely used vaccine cabinets.

It is one of the new vaccine development technologies.

Sputnik-V and Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccines (AZA-1222) fall into this class.


-mRNA takes part in protein synthesis, which is produced naturally in our body.

– The mRNAs produced artificially in the laboratory aim to warn us against the virus by working just like our own mRNAs.

-These molecules are then destroyed like our own molecules and thrown out of the body.

These vaccines are vaccines that have been produced similarly to the technology that has been studied with personalized immunotherapy methods for the treatment of many diseases, including cancer, for 25 years.

-The biggest disadvantage of these vaccines is that the Biontech/Pfizer vaccine (BNT-162b2) can be stored at -70°C, and the Moderna vaccine (mRNA-1273) at -20°C.

Biontech/Pfizer, Moderna vaccines fall into this class.


The BioNTech vaccine was first discovered by two Turkish scientists in Germany. The vaccine, developed jointly by Biontech and the USA-based Pfizer, has a 95 percent success rate. Biontech is a Germany-based vaccine. USA, UK, Israel, Germany, Italy, France, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Chile, Poland, Canada, Romania, Japan, South Korea, Australia and Turkey are among the countries that use Biontech vaccine.


Sinovac is a Chinese vaccine. Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Malaysia, Thailand, Chile, Colombia, Laos and Uruguay


Assoc. Dr. Ümit Savaşçı said, “When we look at the results of the vaccine we have applied so far, we have found that people with the Sinovac vaccine survived mildly, even if they caught the coronavirus, and it reduced their hospitalization rate by 100 percent. The important thing for us is whether the person has this disease mildly or not at all.” Assoc. Dr. Stating that people should have whatever vaccine they find, Savaşçı said, “Because vaccines really protect and reduce hospitalization rates significantly. The second event is if the person uses drugs to suppress the immune system, is receiving chemotherapy, is undergoing cancer treatment or has had a severe neurological disease before. in this case inactivated vaccine a little more reliable looks like.

Let Sinovac vaccine, which is the first choice inactivated vaccine, be the second choice, and Biontech vaccine as the second choice. But if he is young, healthy and has no disease, he has a chronic disease; but if these are not the diseases I have mentioned, then the protection rate of the Biontech vaccine is 10 percent higher than the Sinovac vaccine. However, since the protection rate of Biontech vaccine is higher and the amount is low, its availability may be a problem. Our retention rates are generally high. I was also a Biontech vaccine volunteer, we have been following up for months, no side effects have been observed. Since these vaccines are applied to our people after all the tests are done, they can have the vaccine they want to have with peace of mind,” he said.

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