Experts recommend consuming dairy desserts or fruit ice cream instead of baklava and pastry-style foods for dessert, and a 45-minute brisk walk to accelerate the slowing metabolism.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Özden Örkcü shared important recommendations in terms of healthy nutrition during the Ramadan Feast.

Avoid frying at first breakfasts.

Emphasizing the need to pay attention to breakfast during the holiday, Nutrition and Diet Expert Özden Örkcü continued as follows:

“First of all, foods that will less stimulate insulin secretion and reinforce satiety should be preferred. First breakfasts should definitely not include fries, pastries, or sweets. Cheese, olives, eggs, honey and plenty of green vegetables, which we can describe as classical nutrition, should be preferred. Also, during the day, low-fat and tomato paste dishes, soups and vegetable dishes, which can be named as classic Turkish cuisine, should be preferred. For dessert, it is necessary to prefer milky desserts and fruit ice cream instead of baklava-style foods. All these foods will reduce gas and bloating. A low-calorie vegetable-based menu that is protein-based at lunch and easy to digest in the evening should be preferred. “

Complete shutdown can affect metabolism

In order to increase the slowing metabolism rate, Örkcü suggested that 45 minutes of brisk walks should be started at least 1-2 hours after meals, “Since there will be enough time to spare time in difficult situations, one of the exercise programs can be followed and applied regularly. Thus, both weight control will be provided and indigestion problems that may be experienced will be prevented. ” said.

The eating habits of those who fast will change

Stating that the eating habits of people who fast after Ramadan will change, Örkcü said, “It may not be easy for the body to return to a normal diet after a long feeling of hunger and thirst during the month of Ramadan. Sluggish metabolism, long-term hunger and nausea, anorexia, gas pains, and constipation due to low consumption of fibrous foods are the main problems in a gastrointestinal system accustomed to feeding with 2 meals. In addition, high-calorie foods taken in people with metabolic disorders can cause sudden increases in sugar, blood pressure problems and cardiovascular disorders. In addition, it can be seen that high calorie products taken into the body cause weight gain. ” he spoke.

Foods should be consumed in a sufficient and balanced way.

Özden Örkçü; He said that eating together from all food groups, chewing slowly and well, eating little and often, consuming vegetables and fruits for fiber intake, choosing fat in sufficient amounts and unsaturated fats are the main rules of adequate and balanced nutrition. Örkçü also stated that attention should be paid to drinking at least 1.5-2 liters of water daily, and to get enough protein from grains, dried legumes and animal foods.

How should the nutrition program be?

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Özden Örkçü emphasizes that a healthy meal should be planned with snacks in addition to morning, lunch and evening meals during the holiday. Sample meal planning suggestions are as follows;

Sabah (07:00 – 08:00)
1 slice of cheese
3-4 olives or 2-3 walnuts
1 teaspoon of molasses or honey
1-2 slices of whole wheat bread
Cold Tomato-Cucumber
Eggs at least 3 times a week if there is no disease that may prevent

Ara: (10:00 – 10:30)
1 serving of fruit or 1 handful of dried fruit

Lunch: (12:30 – 13:00)
90 g grilled meat / fish / chicken
5-6 spoons of bulgur pilaf or whole wheat pasta
Ball salad

Ara: (16:00 – 16:30)
1 serving of fruit + 1 glass of milk (can be lactose-free) or 1 bowl of milk dessert

Evening: (19-20: 00)
1 bowl of soup
1 serving of vegetable meal
Half a bowl of nonfat yogurt
1-2 slices of whole wheat bread

Break: 1-2 cups of linden or sage tea, lemon balm tea (unless there is a chronic disease such as kidney failure)

Last snack: Half a bowl of yogurt or 1 glass of cinnamon milk or 1 glass of plain kefir + 2 walnuts (can be preferred according to the feeling of hunger)

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