The right and left part of the trunk is called the flank. Flank pain generally occurs as pain in the upper abdomen and back. Flank pain is seen in many people. Causes of flank pain occur according to different symptoms. The types of treatment also differ.

Where is the flank?

Flank pain is popularly known as flank pain. The part of the body starting from the armpit to the hip is called the flank. The trunk is the place under the ribs on the right and left sides.

Flank pain, also known as flank pain, means severe pain in the upper abdomen and back. Today, many people experience flank pain. The flank is commonly referred to as the lateral side of the body. These pains that occur in the flank should also be taken into account. Correct solutions should also be produced for these pains. In this way, flank pain is also easily treated.

Causes flank (flank) pain, how does it pass?

There are certain causes of pain in the flank. Pain in the side of the trunk is called flank pain. These flank pains are generally seen in kidney patients. Flank pains often increase in severity. Severe pain occurs in the back and upper abdomen due to flank pain.

These pains are severe or constant. There are many causes of flank pain. Accordingly, in cases such as urinary tract infections, kidney cancer, kidney cysts bursting, flank pain occurs. Especially the pains arising from kidney disease also cause flank pain. These pains can have many causes. Although flank pain occurs mildly, it can become progressively worse. The flank pain seen in almost everyone usually passes in a short time.

What are the causes of flank pain?

Today, there are many reasons for flank pain seen in many people. Flank pain is seen especially in people with kidney trauma and those with kidney stones. Various degrees of pain can be seen in the kidney due to any kind of abscess, cancer and inflammation in the kidney. In addition, flank pain occurs as a result of appendicitis, gas accumulation, colorectal or pancreatic cancers.

Diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, spleen eruption and pneumonia are also among the causes of flank pain. Egg cysts in women and ovulation are also among the most important causes of flank pain. Some causes of flank pain can be listed as follows;

Having irritable bowel syndrome

Inflammatory bowel diseases

Fluid accumulation in the lungs

Ectopic pregnancy condition

Inflammation of the inner lining of the heart

Inflammation of the fallopian tubes

Lung infections

Fluid accumulation in the lungs

Blood clot formation in the lung


Curiosity About Flank Pain

Flank pain is generally seen in kidney patients. Side pains occur due to kidney diseases. In particular, these pains have a unique feature. In addition to being long-lasting, flank pain continues to increase throughout the day.

Even if the flank pains alleviate their severity at regular intervals, a constant pain situation arises. Flank pain can often make the person suffer. Usually, kidney patients also experience flank pain. Diseases such as obstruction of kidney vessels, urine accumulation in the kidney and kidney inflammation are also causes of kidney pain. Flank pain can make the person suffer.

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