Stating that propolis can be used in many different forms to support immunity naturally, AksuVital MSc Chemical Engineer Dr. Ebru Koç said that especially propolis in liquid form can be used by both adults and children. Koç also gave information about the things to be considered in the use of liquid propolis, which is used quite often after the coronavirus epidemic.


Dr. Koç said, “Propolis needs to be considered to dissolve in water, especially when used in drops, ie in liquid form. Thus, we can understand whether propolis is water extract or alcohol extract. The effective compounds in propolis are alcohol soluble compounds. For this reason, glycerin of vegetable origin has been considered as an alternative to alcohol in order to provide full benefit. We observe that our drop of propolis product dissolves without creating turbidity when dropped into water. In this way, while providing ease of use, a superior benefit is obtained. In summary, alcohol-extracted propolis form a cloudy image as they dissolve in water. I would like to underline this issue. AksuVital Liquid Propoliş contains 30 percent raw propolis. Our propolis does not contain alcohol. Liquid propolis, that is, the drop form, is often preferred because it is suitable for the use of people of all ages and it is used by adding it to water, yogurt or fruit juice, ”he said.


Stating that propolis is rich in vitamins, minerals, flavonaids and phenolic substances, Dr. “The supporting and protective properties of propolis are very strong. It has strong antioxidant properties. Propolis, which does not end with counting benefits to the human body, is one of the most preferred food supplements during the pandemic period. “Bees ‘source of life, bees’ propolis, do not miss out on your life so that you can overcome the seasonal transitions more easily and feel yourself more vigorous and powerful.

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