Telling important information about dental treatment with amalgam, known as silver filling, Dr. Lecturer Gözde Armutçu Ulusoy, emphasizing that amalgam is a material formed by the combination of mercury and any metal substance, expressed why it is often preferred;

“Despite the development of adhesive dentistry day by day, Ulusoy stated that dental amalgams are still frequently used restoration materials in posterior teeth due to their cheapness, high compression and abrasion resistance, easy manipulation and ease of use even in patients with poor oral hygiene. Amalgam; It is an alloy that is produced by mixing the powder consisting of components such as silver, tin, copper and zinc with mercury and has been used as a filling material in dentistry for many years. “


Stating that the amalgam formula, which is determined in the standards of many countries, includes approximately 65-69 percent Silver (Ag), 6 percent Copper (Cu), 1-2 percent Zinc (Zn), 29 percent Tin (Sn), Ulusoy listed the usage areas of amalgam. :

“In medium and large restorations, in areas where aesthetics is not important, if there are excessive occlusal contact areas, in cases where good insulation cannot be provided, when the restoration reaches the root surface, partial prosthesis foot restorations, with the aim of temporary or decay control.”

Ulusoy also explained the advantages and disadvantages of amalgam restorations as follows:

“It is easy to apply in a single session, resistant to tensile forces, excellent abrasion resistance, long clinical life, cheap compared to composite restorations.”

The disadvantages are:

“Lack of aesthetics, not being applicable in very conservative preparations, not being insulating, being difficult to prepare, having a lot of microleakage at the beginning.”


Considering the scientific studies, Ulusoy stated that amalgam does not cause any serious disease as claimed and that this filler can be used safely provided that mercury hygiene rules are observed today, “As a result of clinical research; We can tell our patients that amalgam is a reliable and safe restorative material and we can use it safely in our clinics until a biocompatible restorative material is found, which is as economical as amalgam.

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