İlkgün Demir, Clinical Psychology Scientist from the Department of Psychology, said, “We must act absolutely. We can get into the habit of moving for 5-10 minutes every hour without forcing ourselves but without delay. Taking precautions during unrestricted hours and walking in nature for 1 hour a day in safe places will be very good for us, and we will have created time for yourself during this walk, at this time we will be able to dream, listen to the music we want and truly make a journey to ourselves.

It will also be good for us to watch a movie as a family, to comment on the subject and the characters, to discuss the film, or to read a joint book with the reading time, and to think about it. In this way, we will have the opportunity to get to know ourselves, our children, as well as our spouse, if any, our elders better, since we will be familiar with each other’s world, perspective and interpretation of events.

In the last quarantine period; Expressing how important the measure is, the value of nature, friends, family, socialization, science, service and health sector employees, the importance of movement and healthy eating habits, Demir said, “We should continue to take measures in new restrictions, but criticism We must also let go of whining and negative emotions. “We should facilitate the work of healthcare professionals, be able to say good words and give hope to people, use the limited water resources that are the common problem of the world with caution, care about other people and ask for a situation, even with a phone.

Providing suggestions for those who cannot manage their fears during these restrictions, İlkgün Demir said, “By preferring to watch TV and stay away from social channels, online therapy support can be obtained in the direction of possibilities. In our daily routine, we should take a break from talking about the pandemic process and turn to more hopeful, beautiful and different topics, maybe we should realize our hobbies. We should ask for some permission from the common Whatsapp groups, where we listen to the experiences and experiences of our friends who have Covid-19 around us, or we should take a break to look there. Everyone’s experience of illness will be different, so all you have to do now is to take precautions and keep your psychology intact.

A cautious life; What do you think it adds to reading negative things, being afraid, and being told about this unpleasant process, which is the common destiny of the whole world, apart from seeing restrictions as an opportunity and a process to gain a strong will to change our own development and habits? To trust healthcare professionals, those who strive for us and the vaccination process, to take measures and to get through this process psychologically and physically in a healthy way, and to see life as a break, an opportunity to think, a time for areas where you want to create change and turn it into optimum benefit it will eventually make a leap forward ”.

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