Stating that with the pandemic, the concerns about whether everything done during pregnancy affects the baby has increased, Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz said, “Covid positivity when pregnant shakes the expectant mother psychologically. However, being infected with this virus while pregnant is mostly passed on with mild symptoms. “Colds, muscle aches or flu-like symptoms are experienced,” he said.

Yilmaz also in the coronavirus process, the biggest known mistakes about pregnancy; He stated that the virus has passed to the baby in the mother’s womb and that the pregnant woman cannot give birth and breastfeed normally. Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz said that such false information is not correct and that only expert doctors’ statements should be heard.

“If the coronavirus is infected, the general condition of the mother is very important here,” said Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz said, “If the mother is in intensive care or her general condition is bad, cesarean delivery can be applied immediately, but if her general condition is good, there is no need for cesarean delivery, normal birth can be done.”

Does getting pregnant increase the risk of getting coronavirus?

Stating that pregnant women with coronavirus can give birth normally like pregnant women who are negative for covid, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz said, “During the birth of these pregnant women, only the team should wear protective equipment to protect themselves. We deliver pregnant women with Covid disease in an isolated room. Apart from that, there is no different process than other pregnant women, ”he said.

Stating that the follow-up of pregnant women caught in coronavirus varies according to the week of pregnancy, Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz pointed out that pregnancy does not increase the risk of getting coronavirus. Yılmaz also stated that within the information we have obtained so far, the virus does not affect the baby in the womb.

Antibodies of the mother who survived the coronavirus can be passed to the baby

Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz answered whether the antibodies of the mother who had coronavirus passed to the baby as follows: These antibodies are protective antibodies that are formed after suffering the disease. Likewise, IgG type antibodies are formed after vaccination and can be passed to the baby. IgM type antibodies formed during the active period of the disease cannot pass to the baby through the placenta. “

Expectant mothers should definitely take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Underlining that expectant mothers should definitely take vitamin and mineral supplements during the coronavirus process, Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz said, “The expectant mother should pay close attention to the diet and sleep patterns of this period. It is very important to take vitamins C and D especially to keep the immune system strong, “he said.

Saying that mothers who have coronavirus can have radiological imaging when necessary, Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz said, “We should not forget that mother’s health is always more important. If the mother’s clinical condition deteriorates and these tests are deemed necessary, radiological imaging can be obtained by protecting the baby ”.

If the mother’s condition is not severe, the coronavirus does not affect the mode of delivery.

Stating that if the general condition of the mother is not bad, the coronavirus will not affect the mode of delivery, Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz said, “There is no study showing that the coronavirus has passed to the baby with breast milk, except for a few case reports. Mothers who give birth can breastfeed their babies by wearing masks and taking care of hand hygiene,” he said. On the other hand, the World Health Organization underlined that babies should not be deprived of breast milk.

Can coronavirus medication be used while pregnant?

Explaining the drug use of pregnant coronavirus patients, Op.Dr. Salih Yılmaz continued his words as follows: “In these patients, we cannot use the favipiravir active ingredient drug given when covid positivity is detected in our country. We provide more supportive treatment. However, we can use other antiviral drugs in expectant mothers whose general condition worsens and who are taken into intensive care. Apart from these, since pregnancy is a condition that increases intravascular coagulation and covid positivity increases this situation, all pregnant women with covid-positive should receive blood thinners. “

‘Pregnant women with coronavirus vaccine did not experience any risks in the short term’

Salih Yılmaz said that the first data about coronavirus vaccination in pregnancy were published in the USA and completed his words in this way: “The data of 30 thousand pregnant women with coronavirus vaccine were announced. It was observed that the vaccinated pregnant women did not experience a risk in the short term. After the first 3 months of pregnancy, they can be vaccinated. Coronavirus vaccine is currently being administered to pregnant women in many countries. American Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AJOG) also states that pregnant women should be vaccinated.

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