Anger is an emotional state that varies intensely from mild anger to severe anger. When we get angry, the physiological and biological effects occur. There is an increase in our heart rate and blood pressure. Apart from that, our energy hormones start to increase in our adrenaline and noradrenaline levels.

We get angry when we are subjected to injustice, when we are treated undeservedly, and when we think we have to do something. When we experience intense anger, our body reacts to us with adrenaline and “Run or fight because you are in danger!” saying it sets us in motion.

At this very stage, our brain, which has the feature of reasoning, gives our body “Stop!” If he can, we can control our anger and act with thought, not emotion.

The reasoning feature is a feature unique to the human brain, because the prefrontal region in our brain exists only in humans and this region is an area responsible for thinking. Our negative emotions are actually opportunities that open up our journey to become virtuous people. Our reactions at the moment of anger are also our tests that determine where this journey will lead.

If we give examples of what needs to be done at the time of anger;

In order to pacify the emotion and activate the thinking system in the moment of anger, first stop.

Then take a diaphragmatic breath and look around.

Try to keep your attention away from what makes you angry, even for a moment, and away from that environment.

Then try to feel the relaxing effect of your diaphragmatic breathing on your whole body.

Notice how your contracted muscles relax, your breathing slows down, and your heart returns to its old rhythm.

With all these bodily reactions returning to their normal course, witness that your anger calms down and you can act with thought.

May you have a life in which good cellars replace your wishes ..

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