Stating that cardiovascular diseases concern the whole body, Tüten stated that a kidney disease or muscle disease can be caused by problems with the vessels. Stating that the functions of common organs in the whole body should be understood when it comes to cardiovascular diseases, Op. Dr. Tüten said, “Some coronary diseases are untreated, some can be treated with medication, but surgery is involved in more serious and advanced cases,” he said.

Stating that in addition to genetics, lifestyle is also determinant in vascular diseases, Op. Dr. Recep Tüten, “For example, in obesity; Just as you can see that the body is being oily, there will be an accumulation of fat in all veins. “It affects the fluidity and structure of the vein negatively and as a result, disorders start to occur in the organs that affect this vein.”

Emphasizing that smoking is one of the most serious negative factors in cardiovascular health, Op. Dr. Smoking, which adversely affects the entire body and cells, also adversely affects the vessels. Apart from that, drinking alcohol every day, fatty snacks taken together with it and decreasing physical activities after alcohol and going to sleep are also factors that increase the extent of the damage ”.

Speaking, “We must be fed in accordance with our biorhythm to avoid cardiovascular diseases,” Op. Dr. Recep Tüten said the following:

A person should tend to consume all the food in the place where he lives, alternately. Otherwise, it is not suitable for nutrition with uniform, pastry, meat products. Eating too much is a big problem, you should be used to eating less and I think you should not eat before you get hungry. We should avoid consuming too fatty foods. We should eat less whenever possible.

Pointing out that one of the most missing things today is rest of the body, Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Recep Tüten continued his words as follows:

Sleep is very important, it is very important in the cardiovascular system as well as in the whole cellular level. Sleep is necessary to strengthen the immune system. There are certain hours for this too, it is not appropriate to sleep after 02: 00-03: 00 at night and sleep for 10 hours, it is right to go to sleep between 22:00 and 23:00. It is also necessary to be physically active, a heavy and sedentary life is not a healthy lifestyle we want.

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