Young and beautiful hands attract a lot of attention in line with the general perception of beauty. This is why many people are looking for remedies to keep their hands looking younger. Experts state that there are many methods that can be applied to this. Aesthetic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Güniz Eker Uluçay gave important information on the subject.


It is very important that the hands look young. Because unfortunately, the hands are an organ that can easily tell the age of a person. Kiss. Dr. According to Güniz Eker Uluçay’s quotes; As we age, spots can occur on the hands as well as on the face, vessels under the skin become prominent and the skin becomes thinner as the fat tissue under the skin melts. Therefore, wrinkles occur.

Although the aging of the hands is not important in the first place, if the hands are aging disproportionately with the body or if rejuvenation procedures for the face are not applied, for example, the aging of the hands looks more on the eyes. Besides, the old-looking hands are not the fate of the person. There are many methods applied to rejuvenate hands.


One of the methods used to rejuvenate the hands is fillers for thinning and wrinkled skin and supportive vitamins containing hyaluronic acid. Kiss. Dr. Güniz Eker Uluçay states that with this application, the corrugated appearance of the hands is improved, the vascular appearance is reduced and a more tense skin appearance is created.

In some cases, fat grafts taken from the person himself can be used to achieve this appearance. Although the ready-made fillings used are permanent for an average of 9 months to 15 months, fat grafts can be permanent for a longer time and 60 to 65 percent permanence can be seen. Peeling, bleaching Mesotherapy or laser treatments can be used for the treatment of age spots on the hands. With all these methods, it is possible to reach the hands of youth.

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