For some people, gaining weight can be as difficult as losing it. There is no single reason for being thin. Eating too few calories, exercising excessively, having a genetic predisposition, metabolic rate, side effects of medications, emotional stress, depression, eating disorder, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, cancer, or other serious alarming illnesses can be due to many reasons.

If you have experienced a significant or rapid change in your weight, it is important to go through a doctor’s check in order to get to the root of the disease. Apart from these; Naturally, those who are very thin do not necessarily have to force themselves to gain weight if they take regular meals and snacks and have good energy levels. Although starting to eat high-fat foods in order to gain weight increases calorie intake significantly, it is an unhealthy way. An excess of animal fats can cause negative consequences for everyone, regardless of weight.

Suggestions that can support weight gain

1- Keep a food record for 3 days so that you can evaluate how much and how often you eat. In this way, you may notice that you may be eating large meals, but then you are hungry for long hours between meals.

2- Caffeine-based coffee, tea and carbonated drinks are appetizing. Notice how much caffeine you get during the day.

3- If you smoke, try to quit, many people prefer to smoke rather than eat.

4- Do not drink anything with meals, fluid intake makes you feel full more quickly.

5- Try to eat snacks every 1-2 hours between meals. Keep snacks that you can carry with you throughout the day.

6- One of the reasons why you cannot gain weight may be partially due to stress. Many people don’t want to eat when they’re worried or anxious. Look for solutions if they are at a level that will affect your appetite.

7- You should eat more calories than you spend to gain weight. To gain 450-500 grams per week, you must take an extra 500 kcal per day. However, the situation is a little more difficult for some people, maybe they need an extra 1000 kcal per day to gain weight.

8- Extra exercise rather than extra protein will improve your muscles. Although you need a little extra protein for muscle building, your normal diet will meet this need more. Improve your ability to do more muscle-building exercise by feeding your muscles with healthy carbohydrates such as juice, banana and raisins. Besides, exercising also increases your appetite if outdoors.

9- Use more peas, carrots, corn and beets in vegetables. Add cheese, chickpeas, walnuts, raisins, tuna, lean meats, toast, olive oil-based salad dressings to salads. Oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate pudding, rice pudding, compote, blueberry cake, pumpkin pie, honey cornbread, etc. try.

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