Mouth odor can occur for the following reasons:

Improper oral hygiene

When the food that accumulates on our teeth is not cleaned, it causes gum inflammation. This will lead to bleeding gums and bad breath. Regular daily brushing has a very important role in preventing bad breath.

Tooth decay
Untreated caries form cavities on teeth. Food residues accumulating on these cavities will cause severe bad breath.

Dental stones
There are bacteria and food residues in the structure of tartar. Uncleaned tartar and bacteria that grow on it cause bad breath.

Not brushing the tongue
In some individuals, genetically located indentations and protrusions on the tongue may be deep. In such a case, food residues on the tongue will cause bad breath.

Unsuitable prostheses
Prostheses that are not compatible with the soft tissues in the mouth and do not have sufficient polish cause nutrient accumulation and infection in the gums. Oral prostheses must be very well polished and in perfect harmony with the gums.

Use of tobacco products
Smoking decreases the saliva flow rate in the mouth. This increases the growth of bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria that multiply cause bad breath.

Alcohol use
Alcohol triggers the formation of odor as it causes dry mouth. Alcohol creates components in the body that can react and cause bad breath.

Diabetes can cause acetone issue to form in the mouth. Diseases such as reflux, gastritis, and stomach ulcers cause bad breath. Respiratory infections and kidney diseases can also cause bad breath.

How to prevent bad breath?
First, the source of bad breath must be found. If there are problems that may cause this odor, treatment should be provided first. Chewing sugar-free gum relieves bad breath. Cleaning tartar is the most important factor reducing bad breath. Using mouthwash and brushing the tongue will also be effective in removing odor. Dental floss should be used after dental cleaning.

Consuming vegetables (tomato, celery, leek), fruit (apple), parsley with high water content will be beneficial in eliminating bad breath. In addition, by drinking more water, you can prevent your mouth from drying out and thus prevent bad breath.

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