Each child has their own physical characteristics and character traits. It is very important to choose the appropriate Sports activity for the child’s age, physical characteristics and personality. Sports that involve racing in childhood have become a major industry in recent years. This competitive approach, which is stressful and aimed at winning at all costs, can expose children to an unhealthy environment. Although sports are very important for the psychological, physical and mental development of children, the sports activity should be fun and educational for the child, and should not become consuming the child and the family. It is very important to maintain balance in this regard.

Children under 5 years old

Children under the age of 5 have unlimited energy. They love to run, jump and play. However, hand-eye coordination and compliance with the rules are not yet fully developed in children in this age group. For this reason, activities such as gymnastics, swimming and cycling should be chosen that develop gross motor skills, do not have complicated rules and have no time constraints. It should not be forgotten that the activities to be carried out in this age group will form a basis for the sports branch to be chosen in the future.

Children aged 5-12

It is very important to choose a sports branch suitable for the child’s body structure and character in children between the ages of 5-12. An activity that is too challenging for the child and that is not suitable for his or her age and skills causes boredom or loss of interest. Children in this age group should be encouraged to participate in team sports. Team sports such as volleyball, basketball and football are suitable for the development of school-age children. For children who are more introverted and do not like team sports, individual sports such as athletics, tennis, martial arts, golf, horse riding, and so on can be chosen. Adolescents are more competitive. While children in this age group participate in activities that include racing, some of them can become professional in various sports branches. Sports that involve racing in this age group should not be allowed to consume the child and family.

What are the musculoskeletal problems associated with sports in childhood?

High level, challenging individual or team sports performed in childhood can cause musculoskeletal injuries due to overuse. Overuse injuries account for more than half of middle school and high school age sports-related injuries. It occurs in the form of inflammation and tissue damage in the attachment parts of muscles and tendons to bones due to repetitive forceful movements. Overuse injuries can occur in the shoulders, elbows, hips, knees, ankles and heels, depending on the activity. In addition, ankle sprains, stress fractures in the leg and foot bones, meniscus tears and ligament injuries in the knee joint, muscle tears, tennis elbow are also common injuries.

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