What is Winding? Why Does It Happen?

By causing swelling around the nails, it can adversely affect people’s psychology. Tangle diseases are generally a serious health problem that occurs in cases of biting nails and pulling nails. Why entanglement occurs is an issue that many people investigate. It is a disease that occurs with the infection of the epidermis in the nail area. This disease shows symptoms such as redness and stiffness at the time of onset.

In particular, the presence of pain is also a clear symptom. Pain and pain may increase in cases such as untreated infections. Other symptoms include discoloration of the skin and nails, lifting of the nails and deformation of the nail. How the entanglement disease will pass is also a topic that people wonder. The entanglement disease is called paronychia in medical language. This skin disease, especially seen in the fingers and toes, can cause severe pain. It is a health problem that occurs in the tissues around the nail. It is one of the skin diseases caused by bacteria. But virus and fungal diseases can also cause entanglement. It is a disease that is among the inflammatory errors. It can be seen on both the bottom and the gold part of the nails. In some cases, it can lead to abscesses. It is possible for people to experience severe pain and pain. When the abscess is formed, it should be treated in a short time. Drainage of the abscess condition is extremely important for improvement.

The abscess can also burst on its own. But in such cases, attention should be paid to the spread of the infection. These areas should be well washed and cleaned to prevent the spread of infection. However, in cases where abscess does not occur, doctors can apply antibiotic treatment. In these types of cases, compresses can be applied to the area where the entanglement occurs.

What Is Good For You? How Does It Pass?

Coiling disease can develop especially due to bacteria. Fungal viruses are also very effective in the formation of entanglement disease. Why the entanglement occurs can be seen differently in people. There are different types of entanglement disease. These types are as follows;




Treatments applied in the treatment of entanglement may vary depending on the type of entanglement. For this reason, it should be investigated which type of entanglement exists in people. The types of entanglement can be detected by doctors with some tests. Expert doctors can reveal the type of entanglement by examining in detail.

What Are the Symptoms of Winding?

There are some symptoms of entanglement, which is a disease that significantly reduces the quality of life. These symptoms can be seen differently in many people. These symptoms that people are curious about are as follows;

Tenderness in the fingers



Throbbing pain

Pain that increases if left untreated

Deformed nails

Tightness of the finger





Pain in the bones

Muscle pain

Winding Treatment Methods

Treatment methods can be applied by investigating the situation caused by the entanglement. Each type of entanglement can be a different treatment. In particular, the treatment of wandering diseases due to fungal infections can take a long time. Some of the methods used in entanglement treatment are as follows;

Compressing the formed area

Keeping the finger above the heart level

Drainage in abscess formation

Avoiding alcohol and smoking during treatment

Treatment methods to be applied should be done under the supervision of a doctor. Doctors follow the symptoms in the first place by performing the necessary examination procedures. However, they will determine the type of entanglement disease with some tests they will do. Different treatment methods can be applied according to the type of entanglement detected. These treatment methods can take a long time depending on the stage of the disease. Many people can recover more quickly with these treatment methods.

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