It is necessary to act consciously about toxic diarrhea, which is common in babies and children. Treatment of poisonous diarrhea can be done easily if one acts consciously about poisonous diarrhea. The important thing is to recognize the symptoms of toxic diarrhea early.

What Is Toxic Diarrhea?

Diarrhea occurs as a result of the rapid exit of the large intestine as a result of dirty water, eaten food and drinks. If diarrhea occurs while the solid stool is normally excreted, the large intestine cannot absorb the liquid in food. Therefore, watery stool is discarded. Toxic diarrhea shows symptoms with profuse watery stools, vomiting and fever. In addition, abdominal pain and cramps occur in the person.

Since there is an intense amount of fluid loss, the skin color fades and begins to dry. In addition, the eye sockets of the person become more prominent. Especially excessive fluid loss affects babies and children very quickly. For this reason, a doctor should be consulted after the symptoms of toxic diarrhea appear. Toxic diarrhea is transmitted by contact with sick individuals, as well as by shared belongings and toilets.

How to Treat Non-Toxic Diarrhea?

To avoid poisonous diarrhea, it is absolutely necessary to have a poisonous diarrhea vaccine. In addition, when toxic diarrhea symptoms are seen, a health institution should be visited. When toxic diarrhea symptoms appear, they must be controlled. Toxic diarrhea is a serious condition as well as a cure.

There is no medicine available to treat toxic diarrhea. However, as a result of the controls performed by the specialist physician, drugs are used to prevent fever and vomiting. Antibiotics are not used in the treatment of this disease. Especially babies are definitely vaccinated.

In toxic diarrhea, a large amount of water is lost, so supplements are made to replace this water. In this process, all foods made with cow’s milk should be avoided. Generally, light soups with yoghurt and rice should be consumed. Fatty foods and processed products should also be avoided during the illness. In addition, boiled potatoes and bananas can be consumed.

Wondering About Toxic Diarrhea

Poisonous diarrhea involving rota virus is an infectious disease. In addition, toxic diarrhea is seen especially in infants and children. During this period, breast milk should never be cut off in babies. Because breast milk also has an important contribution to recovery. Strict diets should not be made during toxic diarrhea. Especially, fatty and sugary foods should be avoided.

Infants and children with toxic diarrhea can quickly lose weight. In this case, there should be no concern. Because the weight lost after the illness will be taken quickly. The use of probiotics during toxic diarrhea shortens the duration of the disease and decreases its severity. In addition, in some cases, in people with toxic viruses, fluid may need to be given intravenously.

What Are The Ways To Prevent Toxic Diarrhea?

Some methods can be used to prevent toxic diarrhea, which is highly corrosive. However, it is difficult to fully protect from toxic diarrhea caused by the rota virus. Easily transmitted, toxic diarrhea can cause illness in many cases.

Vaccination is an important factor in preventing toxic diarrhea. This disease can be transmitted from personal use products and areas such as toys and toilets. Toxic diarrhea is more common in places where children are high, especially in kindergartens and nurseries. It can also be very common for toxic diarrhea to spread within the family. Therefore, it is necessary to be protected from toxic diarrhea.

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