What is a urinary bladder?

The urinary bladder, as its name suggests, is an organ related to urine. The most common name known is bladder. The bladder has a very important place in the human body. This organ, which is closely related to the kidneys, has many important benefits.

The urinary bladder, bladder, or otherwise known as the bladder, is an organ that stores urine. Before urination, urine is collected in this place. This organ, which has a layer called mucosa, is found in both men and women. The amount of urine found in this organ may vary. Therefore, we can say that it is an organ that has an expansion feature.

Between 600-800 ml of urine can be found in the urinary bladder. These are normal amounts. However, in some cases this amount may increase up to 1500 ml. When the bladder is full, people feel the urge to urinate. Holding urine can cause many diseases. Therefore, it is always more convenient to urinate before the bladder is full. Otherwise, do not forget that you may experience various problems.

The bladder found in both men and women has small differences. The reason for this is due to the anatomical structure. There is a channel that goes from the kidneys to the bladder. In the lower part of the bladder, there is a part called the urethra. This part is longer in men and shorter in women. In addition, men have a prostate close to the bladder area. There is no prostate in women. The work done by the bladder for both sexes is the same. It is necessary to urinate by urinating close to the bladder filling.

What are the Functions of the Urinary Bladder in the Body?

The urinary bladder is developed in humans and mammals. Before the urine in the body is excreted, it accumulates in this sac. As long as this accumulated urine is filled, it continues to be excreted from the body. During this cycle, the bladder continues to function for the urine accumulated in the body. Thanks to the urinary bladder, the storage of urine in the body is provided.

If a functional problem appears in the urinary bladder, it may be a situation that serious discomfort may occur. In such cases, it is very important for your health to try to take precautions carefully. The urinary bladder, which has been given important tasks for the body, is an important organ. It can be thought of as a balloon because of its flexible structure. As the amount of urine increased, its expansion attracted attention as an indicator of this.

Tasks of the urinary bladder:

  • – It forms one of the important parts of the excretory system,
  • – The urine filtered from the kidneys and transmitted with the help of ureters is kept in the urinary bladder until it leaves the body,
  • – The body’s waste store is the urinary bladder,
  • – It provides the storage of urine and is known as an organ that empties after urination.

The urinary bladder is an organ that can expand and has a flexible structure. The main reason for this feature is the changing amount of urine. In other words, as the small amount of urine starts to increase, the bladder expands and its capacity increases. Of course, in this case, the feeling of urination will continue to increase. So when you have a feeling of urine, never try to hold it and try to empty it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may have an illness.

Problems arising from the urinary bladder are one of the common conditions. The reasons for this are trying to keep urine and various diseases. There is nothing you can do with spontaneous illnesses, but not keeping urine is something in your hands. Be sure to pay attention to this.

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