What is a sugar diet and why is it done?

Sugar diet is made by not consuming any sugar for 21 days. All types of sugar should be avoided for 21 days. In this slimming method, sugar should be avoided completely. It is aimed to make the body healthier by removing sugar from life.

Especially for a behavior to be accepted, that behavior must become a habit. For this, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points during the diet. Sugar diet provides rapid weight loss. In addition, it is possible to have a healthier body thanks to the sugar diet. This diet is done for at least 21 days, so that the body gets used to the diet.

How to Make a 21-Day Sugar-Free Diet?

Foods that should and should not be consumed on a sugar-free diet for 21 days were determined. Accordingly, there are some foods that are strictly prohibited in this diet. All foods that are forbidden during the 21-day sugar-free diet should be avoided. You should not be hungry while on a sugar-free diet for 21 days. Therefore, food should be consumed in all meals in the diet list. During this diet, sugar and foods containing sugar should be avoided.

People who follow the diet should also know the ingredients of everything they consume. Thanks to this diet, avoiding sugar also provides a healthy eating habit. For this reason, it is necessary to choose the foods to be consumed during the 21-day sugar-free diet process and to avoid sugar in this diet. It is also important to consume plenty of water on a sugar-free diet for 21 days.

What to Eat on a 21-Day Sugar-Free Diet?

Animal proteins can be consumed in the 21-day sugar-free diet, which is one of the most popular diets. Foods such as low-fat meat, fish, chicken, milk, kefir, yoghurt and cheese can be consumed. In addition, legumes such as dry beans, chickpeas, mung beans and lentils can be easily consumed. During this diet, many grain products such as rye bread, einkorn bread, quinoa and buckwheat can be easily consumed.

Seasonal vegetables, seasonal fruits, dried fruits and nuts can also be consumed comfortably on a sugar-free diet for 21 days. Especially spices, honey, molasses and dark chocolate are among the consumable foods. During this diet, water, tea, coffee and herbal teas can be consumed easily. During the 21-day sugar-free diet, plenty of water should be drunk. The more water is consumed, the more beneficial it will be.

Things to Avoid on a 21-Day Sugar-Free Diet

Sugar and its derivatives should not be consumed for 21 days while applying this diet. Especially in this diet process, all white and brown sugars should be avoided. Cake, pudding, cake, ice cream, fruit yoghurt and ready-made fruit juices that contain sugar should not be consumed. In addition, all junk foods such as chips, cola and biscuits should be avoided.

People who follow a sugar-free diet for 21 days should not consume alcohol. Especially smoking should be avoided while making this diet. Especially Turkish coffee should be drunk at most two cups a day. During the 21-day sugar-free diet, sleep patterns and diet are also very important. It is necessary to sleep at least 7 and at most 9 hours a day. In addition, 30 minutes of exercise every day is required.

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