What is the Smear Test?

Smear test is used to detect cervical cancer and cellular disorder or the cells that may cause cancer in terms of infection. This also qualifies as a screening test. It stands out as a very important test, especially for the early detection of uterine lining cancer. In this way, early treatment is applied by preventing the cellular disorder from turning into cancer. Therefore, since it is a test for a person’s life, it is of great importance against risk factors for many diseases. With early detection and treatment, the patient can regain his health.

Why is the Smear Test Done?

Cell disorder or some cellular changes may occur in the cervical region. Cells that undergo this change are referred to as ‘cancer precursor cells’. In other words, unwanted disruptions in cells can lead to cancer. At this point, the purpose of the smear test is to detect in advance against cell disruptions that may occur locally. In this way, early treatment methods can be applied before it reaches the stage of cancer. Known as the human papilloma virus (HPV), it is the most important pest that causes this problem. In recent years, cancer-causing lesions have increased significantly.

When is the Smear Test Performed?

For the smear test, women must undergo a gynecological examination periodically once a year. During the examination, it is examined whether there is redness or color change in the cervix. At the same time, conditions such as the presence of infection or thickening of the uterine wall are examined. In addition, elements such as cysts in the ovary and a decrease in the number of eggs are the sections examined in the test. If there is no problem in the cervix, then the smear test can be performed every 3 years after the controls.

Does the Smear Test Give Definitive Results?

Since it is a screening test, the smear test does not give a definite result. In line with the pioneering information discussed as a result of this test, cervical biopsy is performed under the control of a specialist doctor. Thus, the tissues taken are sent to the pathology and reporting is provided in line with the examinations made. Depending on the results in the report, treatment methods are applied with the approval of the specialist doctor.

Causes of Cervical Cancer

The risk of cervical cancer, which is revealed by the smear test, can create very serious problems. In this regard, treatment methods together with early examination and diagnosis can allow the disease to be overcome in a short time. There are many different causes of this disease.

– Early sexual intercourse
– Relationship status with more than one sexual partner
– Sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, syphilis or herpes virus, etc.)
– Presence of genital warts
– Poor genital care
– Smoking

Such reasons create the situation of facing cervical cancer in a person’s life. In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to minimize the above reasons as much as possible. At the same time, periodic smear test is of great importance. Thus, early diagnosis and treatment methods to be handled through different reports may allow the disease to be eliminated in a short time.

Who Should Have a Smear Test?

Women who continue their sexual life should have a smear test once a year. However, this test is not performed for women who have not had a sexual life before and have never had sexual intercourse. Especially women who have had a smear test once can then do it every 3 years. In this way, it can be understood whether there is a serious disease such as cervical cancer. Of course, since this test will be done whenever requested, the person can always perform this test under the control of a specialist doctor when he is in a state of discomfort.

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