Vaccines are administered for the solution of migraine, which is one of the most common and disturbing headaches. Two new vaccines have been introduced for migraine, which reduces the quality of life of 16.4% of the population in Turkey. Two months ago, the Ministry of Health gave approval to the vaccines that have been used in the world for about three years.


Migraine vaccine is a vaccine administered to patients suffering from chronic headaches. It has been approved in Turkey, but there is still detailed information about the hospitals to be implemented. Member of the Turkish Neurological Society Prof. Dr. Necdet Karlı told Hürriyet about vaccines: “Migraine is a very common headache. The World Health Organization (WHO) ranks migraine as the leading cause of disability in women under the age of 50. When this age group has migraine attacks, they can’t go to work and stay behind in their social lives. Compared to diabetes, for example, migraine affects many more people. There is a population of 50 million adults in Turkey. 25 million of them are women. 6 million of these women suffer from migraine. There are 3 million men with migraine. In fact, three out of four, approximately 7.5 million people, suffer from headaches 4 days a month or more. Moreover, in a group of patients, things are even worse. These people may experience headaches 8-10 days a month. migraine treatment It is a disease that affects people very much when not treated. We used to give preventive treatment before. So we were trying to prevent the pain from coming with medication. However, none of these drugs were drugs for the essence of migraine. They were drugs produced for other diseases such as some heart, some blood pressure, some epilepsy.


There is CGRP molecule in the body. This is a molecule that causes pain in migraine. An antibody has been developed against this molecule. There are two variants of this. One is an antibody against the molecule itself, and the other against the point where the molecule attaches. The effectiveness of both is the same. These two antibodies inhibit the activity of the CGRP molecule. Therefore, the formation of pain is prevented and an attack does not occur. Their effectiveness is 60-80% and there are no significant side effects. For the first time in history, a drug against migraine was produced. It started to be used around the world three years ago. In Turkey, it was approved two months ago. These vaccines should be given to the patient once a month for about a year. Then it is gradually reduced and cut off. The price is 1500 lira between three thousand pounds. It has not been included in the payment yet. These vaccines are especially effective in chronic migraine patients who suffer more than 15 days a month.

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