Saying that the elimination diet is not consuming food or nutrients that cause inflammation in the body for a while, Res. See. Eda Balcı underlined that the diet is used in the treatment of chronic diseases rather than for weight loss. Balcı said, “This diet is a special diet that offers an effective perspective in the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. Basically, it is not intended for weight loss. But, especially in overweight individuals, weight loss may be seen due to food restrictions, ”he said.

Stating that it is not suitable for individuals who are healthy and not sensitive to any food to do the elimination diet, Balcı said, “Since there will be serious restrictions in nutrition, even for a certain period of time, the macro and micronutrients that should be taken daily cannot be met. This situation may cause other health problems, ”he warned.

Those with complaints of abdominal pain and heartburn can also be applied.

Stating that individuals with stomach and abdominal ailments can also follow this diet, Balcı said, “Those who constantly experience bloating due to food sensitivity, those who have frequent abdominal pain and cramps, those who have heartburn and reflux complaints can apply this diet. “The elimination diet involves removing certain foods from your diet for a period of time and then reintroducing those nutrients one by one by monitoring your body’s reactions and symptoms to help determine which foods you are susceptible to.”


Stating that the elimination diet is a very restrictive diet, Balcı said that the diet consists of two stages and listed the foods that should not be consumed in the first stage, elimination, as follows:

“Wheat, barley, semolina, legumes, especially beans and soy that contain gluten should not be consumed. Processed meat products such as sausage, salami, sausage, bacon, dairy products containing casein, all sugar and sweeteners, shellfish, alcohol, coffee and chocolate, all nuts, especially peanuts and citrus fruits. These foods should preferably be cut completely for 3 weeks. “

Providing information about foods that are free to consume, Balcı said, “Other fruits except citrus fruits, healthy oils such as olive oil, vegetables, healthy protein sources such as red and white meat, carbohydrate sources such as quinoa and chia can be consumed.”

Stating that in the second phase of the diet, one suspicious food is taken every day and the body’s response is measured for two days, Balcı said, “The elimination diet must be under the supervision of a specialist. Because with this diet, there is a risk of nutrient deficiency and harm by allergens, ”he concluded by saying.

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