What is Tapeworm?

Other forms of tapeworm with smaller intestinal parasites also affect humans after direct contact with wild animals, eating fruits and vegetables contaminated with pets or especially foxes. More importantly, this type of zoonosis can lead to a variety of pulmonary or neurological disorders.

It is a tall, hermaphroditic, flat, fragmented wolf that can reach 10 meters in length. The tapeworm clings to itself with the help of suction cups in the small intestine and grows with the food we eat. If left untreated, worms can reach the age of 30.

What Causes Tapeworm?

Tapeworm eggs are digested by animals (cattle, etc.) and then turn into larvae in their muscles. When we consume this meat in turn, the living larvae colonize our own intestines. Consuming fish containing unincubated tapeworm eggs can contaminate us. Cooking kills the tapeworm larvae, but consuming uncooked or undercooked meat increases the chance of catching tapeworms.

In very rare cases, the parasite travels to the brain and manifests itself in eye and neurological disorders.

The infection is later called cysticercosis and can cause terrible headaches and seizures. Follow basic hygiene measures, especially washing hands before and after defecation and meals. It includes prevention, a veterinary component, meat health checks, and individual precautions.

How is Tapeworm Shed?

As recommended, in case of intestinal parasitosis it is better to consult a doctor. This infection
While it is usually mild and can be treated with an antiparasitic medication, it should not be taken lightly, especially if symptoms do not go away after a few days. Therefore, mild solutions such as the consumption of garlic or the use of certain essential oils or herbs will not allow you to drain this intestinal worm effectively and completely.

Therefore, choose to consult a doctor for these natural remedies that can expose you to the risk of complications without proper treatment. However, some mild remedies can be shown as supplements to alleviate the symptoms associated with the presence of these tapeworms. Homeopathy for example can help relieve.

Be sure to freeze meat or fish a few days before consuming these raw foods. Skin rashes, abnormal tiredness, vomiting, appetite disturbances (loss of appetite or vice versa unexplained hunger), headache, dizziness, rapid and unexplained weight loss are symptoms.
If you observe a combination of more than one of these symptoms, consult your doctor. They will be able to make a diagnosis and, if necessary, recommend an appropriate treatment or refer you to a specialist for additional exams.

How is Tapeworm Treated?

Once diagnosed, tapeworms are very easily eliminated with anti-parasitic insect treatment. The drug kills the parasite within a few days and then passes through the stool. The best way to avoid tapeworm is to cook the meat and fish you eat very well.

Once placed in the intestine, this parasitic worm develops: it has a flat shape, resembles a whitish ribbon that can be several times longer. After a parasitological examination of the stool, your doctor will be able to make a diagnosis and confirm whether you have this parasite in your digestive system.

The specialist can then prescribe a treatment based on an antiparasitic drug, an antiparasitic drug that kills the worm responsible for this intestinal parasitosis and eliminates the infection through feces.

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching food, before entering the kitchen or going to the table, and after every toilet. Be careful not to consume contaminated water or food, especially when traveling abroad.

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