What is Spring Allergy? Why Does It Happen?

Allergies are common diseases. There are systems that protect the human body against microbe types such as viruses and bacteria. However, in some cases, the body may react differently to non-harmful substances. When exaggerated results are seen as a result of these reactions, allergies may occur. The immune systems found in allergy patients work differently than normal people. It also defends against non-harmful situations and causes the body to react differently. Due to its being extremely sensitive, it can easily get out of control and shows many symptoms. The symptoms shown are as follows;






Runny nose


When allergy sufferers show an allergic reaction, their quality of life decreases considerably. The substances that cause the onset of allergies are called allergens. Many conditions, such as pollen, animal hair, or house dust, are allergenic. Especially in the spring season, many symptoms bring allergies. Conditions that cause spring allergy are types of pollen that spread from trees and grasses to the nature. Pollen involuntarily sticks to the human throat and accumulates in these areas. The accumulated pollen causes the human body to react. These reactions constitute the allergy.

What are the Symptoms of Spring Allergy?

People with spring allergies may experience many symptoms with the onset of allergies. These symptoms can be long or very short. However, allergy sufferers usually use medications under the supervision of a doctor. People who do not know they have a spring allergy may meet this allergy soon. Spring allergy symptoms seen in many people are as follows;

Stuffy nose


Pressure in the sinuses

Under-eye swelling

Decreased sense of smell and taste



Detection problem

Sleeping disorders

Itching of the palate



The same symptoms may not be seen in every person with allergies. Only a few of these symptoms can be seen in people. However, these conditions will continue as long as they are not treated. It has been observed that in some people, the allergies also go away on their own. There is no cure for allergies. It is possible to eliminate only allergic symptoms with some treatment methods.

What are the Conditions that Cause Pollen Allergy?

People who are allergic to pollen may be affected more by some situations and experience allergies. There are situations that people with allergies should pay attention to. In case of not paying attention to these situations, many problems can arise. There are many situations that can cause spring allergy to occur. These situations can be listed as follows;

Family allergies

Black race

Being the first child in the family

Cigarette consumption at home

Pet nutrition

Feeding the baby with artificial formula

Air pollution

These situations are generally the conditions that affect the pollen allergy. Pollen allergy can be seen more in these cases. It will be better for health to pay attention to many details in order to avoid pollen allergy. Especially cigarette consumption and pet feeding trigger or cause pollen allergy.

What Is Good For Pollen Allergy?

People who show signs of pollen allergy are first tested. If people do not know whether they are allergic to pollen or not, they consult to doctors with symptoms complaints. A diagnosis of pollen allergy is made with allergy tests. What is good for pollen allergy is an issue that allergy sufferers are very curious about. People with spring allergies should first be patient with treatment. Cortisone sprays and allergy medicines can be used to protect against allergies under doctor’s supervision.

The strong immune system also prevents allergies. Balanced nutrition, rest and drinking plenty of water are good for allergies. Consuming foods with vitamins will increase the body’s resistance to allergies. Avoiding stress, smoking and not using alcohol will prevent allergies from occurring. In some cases, patients can be given vaccine treatment by doctors.

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