What is Ringworm (Alopecia Areata)? Why Does It Happen?

Ringworm disease is a health problem known as hair loss. This health problem is usually seen in men under 25 years of age. It is a condition that can occur in other age groups. Ringworm is not only seen in the hair area. It can occur on eyebrows, eyelashes or any part of the body. It occurs when the pores on the skin surfaces where the hair follicles are not efficient. When it is not productive, the hair follicles are poured in a circle and gaps are observed in the spilled areas.

Due to the fact that it affects the appearance a lot, people can be psychologically affected by this situation. People may also experience ringworm when experiencing intense stress, and this situation affects the immune system considerably. Genetic factors are very effective in the formation of hair breakage. If any of the family members have hair breakage, the probability of breaking hair is high. The immune system is very effective in the formation of ringworm. As it is known, the immune system protects the body against external threats.

As long as the immune system is strong, it protects the body. As the immune system weakens, many diseases occur in the body. One of these diseases is ringworm. The white blood cells in the body go into battle with the cells in the hair follicles and cause these cells to die. This situation causes serious hair loss. In cases where it is noticed, it must be treated. Ringworm is also possible due to stress.

What Are Ringworm Symptoms? How Is It Treated?

There are some reasons for the occurrence of many diseases. Among these reasons, stress draws a lot of attention. People experiencing intense stress can cause ringworm to occur. People who are very stressed are those who can have ringworm.

Ringworm is very common in people with severe trauma. Since ringworm is visually disturbing, patients may be more disturbed by this situation. This disease can also be seen in people who have had difficult processes in childhood. Psychological support is also important during treatment when ringworm is detected.

Ringworm is a health problem that manifests itself directly. Hair loss in any area indicates ringworm. Besides, there are no symptoms. People can easily detect ringworm with hair loss in a certain area. When people understand this situation, they should apply to doctors directly. When diagnosed with ringworm, doctors usually apply cortisone cream treatment. Early diagnosis of the disease will make treatment easier. Cortisone are drugs that can be used under doctor’s control.

Garlic Can Be Beneficial

People with ringworm can research some herbal methods. Some methods are used in the treatment of ringworm. Garlic is used in the treatment of ringworm according to many people. Greater problems can arise when garlic is regularly rubbed unconsciously into areas with ringworm. The treatment process should be continued in consultation with the doctor. Doctors will recommend the most effective remedies for ringworm to patients.

How Is Ringworm Diagnosed?

Ringworm is a disease that manifests itself clearly. Everyone can tell that they have ringworm from hair loss. Although it is confused with fungal hair disease by some people, doctors should be consulted to clarify. Doctors start the treatment process by diagnosing ringworm with their examination procedures. People who notice ringworm should not interfere with information by hearing. This situation should be treated by specialist doctors, as determined by the doctors.

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