Especially with paraplegia, hemiplegia and tetraplegia are among the problems that can cause serious problems. These disorders, which cause joint loss of movement, can create conditions such as paralysis.

What is Paraplegia?

Paraplegia is also known as spinal cord paralysis. It is a disease that causes loss of sensation in both legs and in the area covering the stomach and waist region. In paraplegia, there is movement in both legs of the person. However, it would not be possible to move without any help. Due to severe loss of strength, the person cannot stand up alone or perform any movement. This disease can occur for many reasons.

– Don’t fall
– Bullet scar
– Motorcycle or car accidents

This problem occurs with a significant shift in the bone structure surrounding the spinal cord. These problems that cause spinal cord paralysis can also be experienced within the scope of some congenital genetic effects.

What is Hemiplegia and Tetraplegia?

Hemiplegia and tetraplegia stand out as one of the problems that occur in movement systems in the human body. These two diseases should be handled separately and explained through definitions.

Hemiplegia: It is known as hemiplegia among the people. It is experienced as a result of damage to the brain cells along with the blockage in the brain vessels. It occurs as a partial loss or reduction of movement on the left or right side of the body. In this regard, the severity of the damage varies depending on the amount in the cerebral blood supply. Many different conditions can cause this disease.

– aging
– Diabetes
– hypertension
– Smoking and alcohol use
– Heart ailments
– Sedentary (sedentary) life
– Obesity
– Some genetic factors

This problem occurs when the muscles in the arms and legs become weak and severely restricted in movement. At the same time, many problems such as sensory and speech disorders and loss of time and space can be experienced.

Tetraplegia: Tetraplegia stands out as a disease that occurs as a result of damage to the neck vertebrae. As a result of this disease, a family comes where the person cannot use their arms and legs. It is possible to face a complete paralysis especially from the neck down. It is not possible for him to receive any sensations and reflexes from his arms and legs. In general, this problem can be experienced in the face of accidents, blows and many different reasons.

How are treatments done?

There are separate treatment methods for the diseases whose definitions and causes are written above. These methods, together with diagnosis and examination, are handled under the control of a specialist doctor, giving the opportunity to achieve significant improvement.

Paraplegia treatment: Depending on the level of damage and in accordance with the age of the person, physical therapy is applied. In addition to the right physical therapy and rehabilitation method, a healthy and balanced diet increases the quality of life of the person. It is very important to continue physical therapy and rehabilitation at home, especially after the treatment. Relatives of the person are warned about this.

Hemiplegia treatment: Both drug therapy and physical therapy and rehabilitation methods are applied for this disease gradually. In particular, drug treatment is applied to minimize the changes in the brain and brain tissue. Then, physical therapy and rehabilitation are applied to make the movement system stronger again. Especially in this regard, exercise should be continued periodically both in the treatment center and at home in order to strengthen the muscles.

Tetraplegia treatment: This disease is treated with social counselor and psychologist together with rehabilitation specialists. Initial drug therapy is evaluated to stabilize the patient’s condition. Thus, time is saved in rehabilitation. Along with the physical therapy and rehabilitation services, it is tried to increase the quality of life of the person through exercises.

What Should Be Done for Paraplegia and Hemiplegia and Tetraplegia Disease?

As soon as the symptoms for the above disorders are understood, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor immediately. These disorders, which especially affect the physical musculoskeletal structure, significantly reduce the quality of life of the person. Therefore, early treatment methods should be considered.

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