Describing osteopathy, which is used in the treatment of many diseases, as a manual medical technique that aims to work on the musculoskeletal system, internal organs, spine, body membranes, nervous system and circulatory system, for the continuity of health and to ensure their harmonious functioning See. Fatih Özyurt made statements about the treatment methods.


Referring to the osteopathic treatment methods, Özyurt said, “According to the basic principle of osteopathy treatment, there is no disease, there are patients. For this reason, patients are not only treated with osteopathy methods, but also the main source of the problem can be found with holistic approaches. Thus, the best solution to the patient’s problem is developed. The most important feature that distinguishes osteopathy from other treatment methods is to find the main source of pain by approaching the patient in a holistic manner. In other words, it is to eliminate the problem with osteopathy methods that are directed directly to the source of the problem, not to the symptom. Thus, it aims to reduce the patient’s re-admission to the hospital with the same problem and the use of excessive medication ”.


Expressing that osteopathic treatment methods used in the treatment of many diseases are generally performed on three systems, Özyurt said, “The first of these is parietal osteopathy. Parietal osteopathy; It focuses on solving problems with bones, joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and fascia. Since manual techniques are at the forefront in parietal osteopathy, which we use to provide the physiological movement pattern of restricted or locked joints, it increases the effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the patient’s confidence in osteopathy. In parietal osteopathy, it is determined in stretched and spasm soft tissues and optimized by osteopathic methods. Thus, patients can recover in a short time without medication. “In general, the parietal osteopathy method reduces muscle and tendon tensions and spasms, improves blood circulation and neural stimulation.”

Özyurt continued his words as follows:

“Visceral osteopathy, the second of the osteopathy methods, aims to regulate the functions of internal organs. There are regions in our body that have a common warning area. For example, right shoulder pain can be caused by the gallbladder or liver, and left shoulder pain can be caused by the stomach, heart or spleen. For this reason, osteopath finds the main problem by evaluating this with appropriate osteopathic evaluation methods. If it is understood that the problem is caused by internal organs, pathological limitations in joints and muscles can be eliminated with appropriate osteopathy methods applied to the abdomen. “


Stating that the third osteopathic treatment method, Cranial osteopathy, is performed with sensitive and light touches, Özyurt said, “With this method, tension caused by stress on the head and the whole body can be removed with stretching and relaxation techniques. “It not only relieves the pain, but also provides well-being in the whole body.”

Expressing that there are many techniques in osteopathic methods, which are generally examined under 3 headings, Expert Physiotherapist Res. See. Fatih Özyurt said, “It is possible to use different techniques according to the location of the main source of the problem and the problem itself. “Manipulation, mobilization, myofascial relaxation methods, nerve area mobilization, meditation applications, soft tissue relaxation techniques and cranio sacral therapy are the most commonly used osteopathic techniques.”


Expressing that osteopathy can be applied to all parts of the body, but it is most frequently used for spinal problems, Özyurt said, “There are methods that we can safely use for facet joint locking of the spine, spasm of the muscles that keep the spine upright, and other spinal problems. Osteopathy can be used in various and many diseases such as posture disorders, spine and musculoskeletal movement dysfunctions, spine disc slips, coccyx problems, joint stiffness, migraine, tension headache, sleep disorders, and musculoskeletal pain caused by internal organs. “The treatment time of osteopathy can vary according to the problem, age and person”, he concluded.

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