Which Diseases Does Nephrology Treat?

Nephrology is the medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases for the normal functioning of the kidneys. The main diseases within the scope of the science of nephrology;

Abnormalities in the urine such as excessive protein intake, sugar, crystals, blood waste

Disorders that affect the filtering system of the kidneys

Tubulointerstitial diseases affecting the tubules in the kidneys

kidney infections

Kidney and bladder stones

Sudden, acute or chronic kidney failure problems

Renal vessel diseases affecting the blood vessels in the kidneys

Kidney, bladder and urethral cancer

acid base imbalances

Effects of chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes on the kidneys

Nephrotic syndrome and nephritis

Dialysis and dialysis-related long-term complications

The effect of toxins and drugs on the kidneys

Diseases caused by sacs containing high levels of fluid or cysts that impair kidney functions, also called polycystic kidneys. These diseases are caused by genetic or hereditary causes.

urinary tract infections


kidney cancer

Follow-up VR treatment of end-stage kidney patients


What Does the Specialist and Doctor Look for?

Nephrologists are specialist doctors involved in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney-related diseases. After 6 years of medical school education, doctors who took 4 years of internal medicine specialization, received three years of upper branch training in the field of Nephrology, and this nephrology specialist begins to serve. Kidneys, which are vital for the body, are located on both sides of the spine, just above the waist and in the abdominal cavity. Kidneys are bean-like in shape. Health problems such as loss of appetite, involuntary weight loss, bloody urination, frequent urination, nausea, swelling around the eyes and shortness of breath are associated with the kidneys. Nephrology specialists play an important role in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. You can see a specialist doctor by making an appointment with Nephrology in cases such as when the kidney cannot fully perform its task.

Why Go to the Department of Nephrology?

Some kidney diseases that require going to the nephrology department are as follows;

bloody piss


sleep problems


Involuntary weight loss

itchy skin

Constant pain in the abdomen


Shortness of breath

swelling in the eyes, hands and feet

If you suffer from one or more of these complaints, you may have a possible kidney disease. For this reason, you can go to a Nephrology specialist without neglecting it. You should not forget that the shorter the diagnosis and treatment period of your disease, the shorter your recovery period will be.

How to Go to the Nephrology Department for Kidney Diseases?

People with any kidney disease or kidney-related complaints can easily make an appointment to the Nephrology department via the mhrs system or by calling 182. To make an appointment with the nephrology department from private hospitals, you can get a number by calling the hospital where you will make an appointment. Early treatment and recognition greatly facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases.

For this reason, when you feel a discomfort, you should see a specialist doctor without neglecting it. Today, you can easily make an appointment from the state hospital you want online. At the same time, you can get the chance to choose the doctor you want. It is important for your health that you do not interrupt your regular check-ups. At the same time, you can easily check the analyzes and tests performed by your doctor via e-pulse.

Treatment of Kidney Diseases

Kidney diseases are much easier to treat with early diagnosis. With early diagnosis, many difficult diseases can be treated. The kidney is a complex organ of vital importance. The diagnosis of many kidney-related diseases is made by the branch of Nephrology medicine. Many treatment methods are used to ensure the regular functioning of the kidneys.

Chronic kidney diseases usually require a long and complex treatment. These diseases should not be neglected and treatment should be started immediately when needed. For this reason, you can get a chance to learn that your kidneys are not working regularly by going to the specialist doctor control regularly.

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