What Is Narcism, What Does It Mean?

Being overly cocky and over-loving oneself is called narcissism. As long as it is not overdone, this situation, which is necessary for human health, may turn into psychological discomfort after a certain level. Narcissists are often considered to be a big problem because they do not have enough empathy with the people around them and do not care about their feelings. As you can see here, almost every person is a narcissist, but only when it is overdone it becomes dangerous.

What are Narcissistic Personality Traits?

There are many methods that can be used to identify narcissists. These methods are as follows and are not dependent on one or more of them. As mentioned above, it is a prominent disorder only in cases of overdose.

Stupidity: If a person does not know himself as wise and wise than he is, this situation is closely related to narcissism. It can be said that it is a symptom of narcissism, especially if he has too many comments about the subjects he is not competent in and is confident enough to defend his thesis even in the presence of experts.

Lack of Empathy: Another symptom that is most prominent and known by society is the lack of empathy. People with narcissistic personality disorder do not care about the feelings and thoughts of the people around them. In addition, it is not their problem how people will be affected and what situations they will be exposed to as a result of their actions. For this reason, people with narcissistic personality disorder around them are very harmed.

Lack of Listening: Narcissists do not easily listen to the other person because they cannot empathize enough and do not care about other people. They have little or no memory of what they are told. As a matter of fact, there is nothing to worry about other people’s problem is not important to them.

Selfishness: People with narcissistic personality disorder are very selfish, even if they try to have a generous nature. This is often noticeable in cases of ignoring other people and only putting their own problems to the fore. In other words, people who always say “ me ” and want to be taken care of only suffer from this ailment.

Destructive Criticism: Another symptom that stands out when it comes to narcissism is destructive criticism. Because they don’t care about other people’s feelings and thoughts and lack empathy, they can easily offend and hurt them. Criticizing people and maintaining this criticism in a particularly destructive way are among the situations observed in narcissistic personality disorder.

Discord: The rules or laws that society must obey are not suitable for narcissists. Because they are selfish, they cannot tolerate what other people impose on them. For this reason, they constantly show disharmony and cause the order to break down.

Lack of Shame: Another symptom of individuals with narcissistic personality disorder is that they do not feel enough shame. Because they are generous with their self-confidence and overuse them, they don’t feel ashamed even when they’re wrong. It is also among the findings that I do not qualify the action taken as wrong just because they accept what they know as true.

Dislike Criticism: People with narcissistic personality disorder, regardless of constructive or destructive criticism, do not like criticism. When they are criticized, they are usually either extremely rude or sarcastic.

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