Meningococcus came up in the last episode of the Miracle Doctor. Meningococcus, a disease in the series, is among the common diseases today. It is also known as meningococcal meningitis among the people. But what is meningococcus, what are the symptoms, what is the treatment?

What is meningococcus?

Meningococcal disease in the TV series Miracle Doctor; Neisseria meningitidis or meningococcus is a bacterium that looks like double coffee beans under the microscope. Meningococcemia, also known as invasive meningococcal diseases, is an important cause of death and disability in children and adults all over the world, it is an infectious disease.

What are the symptoms of meningococcus?

The disease may initially resemble a cold (common cold). Fever may rise to 38 – 40 ° C within 24-48 hours. Fever may come on out of nowhere and cold chills and cramps may accompany it. Severe headache, vomiting, reluctance to eat and drink are common. The sick person is lethargic or restless, in pain and nervous, and maybe confused.

Meningococcal disease can also cause bleeding that appears as red or purple spots or spots on the skin. Some patients may have stiffness in the neck and back, and tilting the head forward is very painful and difficult in these patients. In babies under 1 year of age, symptoms may be slightly different. Children may be less mobile, reluctance to eat and drink, crying at the slightest touch, increasing drowsiness and vomiting. Meningococcal disease can develop within a few hours. Therefore, if the sick person’s condition worsens, seek medical help immediately.

Is there a treatment for meningococcus?

Meningococcal disease patients are treated by hospitalization. Early treatment during the illness period
If initiated, the disease can almost always be cured by taf cure.

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