According to the research conducted at the Istanbul Medical Faculty, it was found that the lectin protein, which enables the immune system to activate the warrior cells to destroy the virus or bacteria, was found to be very small in those who had severe COVID-19. In the study, in which 384 people, including 284 coronavirus patients and 100 healthy controls, were included, the levels of “mannose-binding lectin protein”, one of the mechanisms that activate the warrior immune cells called “macrophage cells”, were examined in the body’s fight against virus or bacterial infections.


Lectin protein is the protein that prevents harm to health by acting against infections and viruses in the immune system of the body. Some substances in the body act to protect human health against negative factors. By keeping the immune system strong, proteins in the body fight infections and viruses. One of the substances that make up this natural protection system is lectin protein in the body. Lectin has an important place in human health as it is a strong wall against proteins, viruses and bacteria or infections. Lectin, a type of protein found in all plants, is known to have a sticky structure. Lectin binds to the sugar molecule of the cell membrane in the body.


Lectin, which we encounter in the fight against coronavirus, is one of the most important proteins that make up the body’s defense system. In order for the body to function well, lectin proteins must also be synthesized sufficiently in the cell. Lectin protein problem has also been encountered in coronavirus patients. It has been observed that the mannose-binding lectin protein was not synthesized correctly or even not found in patients previously hospitalized in the intensive care unit in the treatment of coronavirus. It is possible for people who do not synthesize lectin protein in their body to overcome the coronavirus and other accompanying diseases.

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