What Is Laryngitis?

If the larynx or vocal cords are used excessively, some irritation and infections may occur. Infections, on the other hand, turn into inflammation and cause laryngitis. The vocal cords produce soft movements and vibrations. These vibrations create sounds. In patients with laryngitis, the larynx, also called the voice box, swells due to inflammation and the voice is hoarse.

In some cases of laryngitis, the correct voice becomes undetectable. As a result of this disease, breathing difficulties are experienced. In addition, in the disease in which a sore throat is seen, the voice becomes hoarse. Laryngitis can have many different causes. Especially bacterial infections can cause laryngitis. Laryngitis can also be seen in people who smoke. In addition, breathing industrial fumes due to environmental factors can cause laryngitis disease.

What are the Symptoms of Laryngitis?

There are some symptoms of laryngitis disease seen in the vocal box and vocal cords. Especially after colds, sinusitis, bronchitis or various diseases, laryngitis can be seen. Hoarseness, sore throat and difficulty speaking can be seen in children and adults. In addition, making weak sounds and loss of voice, a constant tickling sensation in the throat, dry throat and dry dry cough are also symptoms of laryngitis. High fever, difficulty in swallowing and constant urge to clear the throat are the most prominent symptoms of laryngitis in patients with laryngitis. Laryngitis may be suspected when wheezing occurs in the throat.

How Is Laryngitis Treated?

Especially in winter, laryngitis is very common. Acute laryngitis can usually resolve itself within 7 days. In this process, the sound is rested. It is important to consume fluid and humidify the air. At this point, great attention should be paid to personal care. In chronic laryngitis treatments, the underlying causes are determined first. Especially, excessive cigarette and alcohol consumption is prevented.

After the doctor’s examination, antibiotics are used. In addition to pain medication, corticosteroids are also used. In addition, correct and healthy nutrition is very important in the treatment of laryngitis. Regular vocal therapy is done when teachers and vocalists have laryngitis. Home care is also very important in this disease process. In the treatment of laryngitis, gargle with warm salt water should be used. Dry and smoky environments should also be avoided. In addition, plenty of water should be consumed.

How is Laryngitis Prevented?

In order to prevent laryngitis, some details need to be paid attention to. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to keep the voice healthy and to prevent irritation in the voice box. In addition, thirst should not be taken during the day. In order to make the sound much healthier, all products containing coffee, soda and caffeine should not be consumed. Smoking and tobacco use should be avoided to avoid laryngitis. Smoking damages the vocal cords. Constantly cleansing the throat also causes irritation of the vocal cords. In addition, great attention should be paid to the cleanliness of the hands in order to avoid viral infection.

What are the causes of laryngitis?

There are many causes of laryngitis disease. The main cause of laryngitis, which is usually short-lived, must be found. Upper respiratory tract infection is considered among the most important cause of laryngitis. Bacterial infections and excessive alcohol consumption are also among the causes of laryngitis. Screaming, cheering, singing constantly and excessive use of voice are among the causes of laryngitis. Babies and children can get laryngitis if they cry all the time.

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