Deniz Seki, who is on the agenda with the photos she shares on her social media account, revealed her secret with the post “There is no photoshop, but there is ice therapy.” Many famous questions such as Demet Akalın, İrem Derici, Gülben Ergen have showered this sharing of Seki. But what is ice therapy and how is it applied?

What is ice therapy?

There are various methods of losing weight. Ice therapy is claimed to be successful for weight loss. To apply ice therapy, first wrap the ice in a thin cloth. Then apply on the targeted areas for 30 minutes, taking a five-minute break. You can apply it once a day for 12 days.

How to lose weight with ice therapy?

Specialist Dietitian Özlem Posbaşoğlu believes that the method of losing weight with ice will put an end to these complaints. Posbaşoğlu says that this new method used by the French will weaken you without hunger and pain. Poşbaşoğlu said, “With the Cyro21 method, stubborn areas of fat tissue such as hips, abdomen, waist and legs can melt. Posbaşoğlu says that even in the first session, there is a visible weakening, and gives the following information about the method: Fats are frozen at -40 degrees with the help of the device. In this way, blood circulation accelerates, toxins are expelled and a large amount of calories are spent. Fat cells are reduced. The endurance of the lymph increases. While the muscles are revitalized and tightened, the body is reshaped by thinning. This is an alternative method to surgical intervention and especially to strict diets. It is a notarized method among weight loss techniques in Europe. Anyone who wishes can bring a notary with them and have the application done. The results are permanent.” used the phrases.

How is ice therapy applied?

As a result of the study conducted at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, it was revealed that cold accelerates fat burning. Cold; accelerates blood circulation. In addition, the cold accelerates the excretion of toxins from the body.

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