As the number of cases with fever and palpitations has increased recently, the Mis-C table has become the agenda again. Myocarditis, also known as heart muscle inflammation, is caused by a virus. After the findings that Covid-19 also causes myocarditis disease, details about the disease are being wondered. Especially since the coronavirus is a virus that affects the heart. myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle), causing cardiac problems. It presents with palpitations and fever.


The myocardium, also known as the heart muscle among the people, forms a large part of the heart. This muscle, like other skeletal muscles in the body, can become inflamed due to infections. Bacteria, fungi, autoimmune diseases and pharmacological agents, especially viruses, can cause inflammation of the heart muscle. Although this condition, which is defined as myocarditis in medicine, is mostly asymptomatic, that is, without symptoms, in some cases it can have serious consequences that can lead to heart failure or death.


In mild cases of myocarditis, the disease often causes no symptoms, but in severe cases, some symptoms may occur. Although these symptoms vary according to the cause of the disease, most of the symptoms such as chest pain, heartbeat different from normal, breathing problems at rest or during activity, swelling in the feet or legs, (edema), body and joint pains, weakness, fever, sore throat, diarrhea. causes it to appear. The disease, which can be seen in all age groups, can cause symptoms such as high fever, fainting, and changes in skin color, especially in children.

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