Poisoning causes many negative factors in the body. A poisoned person needs immediate medical attention. With medical support, intoxication functions in the body are also removed. There are many herbal methods that are good for poisoning.

What Is Good For Poisoning?

1) Muse: It is very important to consume bananas in the form of puree at this point. Banana is also a source of vitamins. It allows to quickly remove the factors that cause poisoning in the body. Banana, which is rich in potassium, is easily digested. Therefore, the first recommended banana to poisoned people is mashed banana. As a result of poisoning, minerals are quickly removed from the body. Banana consumption is important in terms of regaining the minerals that are removed from the body.

2) Garlic: Garlic is especially called a panacea. Garlic, known as a powerful natural antibiotic, allows the formations that cause poisoning to be removed from the body. Garlic is also a natural antifungal. Intestines and stomach are damaged as a result of poisoning. Garlic consumption is also recommended in order to restore the intestines and stomach. It is important to consume garlic by boiling. It is consumed by crushing a clove of garlic and adding it into a glass of boiling water.

3) Limon: Lemon is literally a vitamin store. Consumption of lemon, known as a natural antibacterial, is also recommended in case of poisoning. Lemon also has anti-viral properties. It is a food that should be preferred in food poisoning. It also significantly eliminates the symptoms of lemon poisoning. It makes the poisoned person feel better. Lemon also speeds up the metabolism in the body. In this way, the poison in the body begins to be excreted quickly. It is also generally recommended that lemon be consumed at least 3 times a day for a poisoned person.

4) Basil: Basil also strengthens the immune system. Since it strengthens the immune system naturally, it also significantly relieves the symptoms of intoxication. The consumption of basil is a blessing in poisoning, especially in food poisoning. It is important that you consume the basil after brewing it in a glass of water. In addition, basil is consumed with honey. It is possible to minimize the symptoms of poisoning naturally by consuming it with honey.

5) Apple Vinegar: The intestines are severely damaged as a result of food poisoning. As a result, factors such as diarrhea occur. Consumption of apple cider vinegar helps repair the intestines. It enables the intestines to work better and eliminates poisoning factors. Apple cider vinegar is also acidic. In order to minimize and eliminate the symptoms of food poisoning, consumption of apple cider vinegar is also recommended by specialist doctors.

What Should be given to a Person with Food Poisoning?

1) Ginger: Ginger is extremely important for food poisoning. It also helps to eliminate digestive problems. Consuming ginger plays an important role in food poisoning. Consuming ginger also protects the stomach lining. Therefore, ginger should be given to people with food poisoning.

2) Your: As a result of poisoning, the body will lose excessive fluid. As diarrhea and vomiting will occur, fluid loss will occur. It is extremely important to give water to a poisoned person in order to prevent dehydration. Consuming water prevents fluid loss and allows toxic substances to be removed from the body.

3) Yogurt: In yogurt, it also passes the symptoms of poisoning to a significant extent. Consuming yogurt is extremely important in terms of preventing food poisoning. Therefore, yogurt consumption is important.

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