Nasal congestion can have multiple causes. Upper respiratory diseases, sinusitis, bad weather conditions or smoking are among the factors that can cause nasal congestion. If you are constantly looking for nasal unblocking methods and wondering how to clear nasal congestion, you are in the right place.

Easy breathing from the nose is vital for every organ, from our brains to our heart, from hair to toenails. Inability to breathe comfortably is a condition that causes headaches, waking up tired and exhausted in the morning, drowsiness during the day, and chronic fatigue.

The nose is blocked due to upper respiratory tract infections, chronic smoking, bad weather conditions or short-term allergic problems. In these cases, the solution is more simple ways such as nasal sprays, allergy medicines, using salty bicarbonate water, swimming in the sea. Prolonged nasal congestion usually has certain causes:

The curvature (deviation) of the middle pillar of the nose,
The size of the nose (concha),
Adenoid enlargement,
Nasal polyps (may be caused by allergies or sinusitis),
Chronic sinusitis
Prolonged allergic rhinitis (rhinitis)
All of these problems, except for allergies, can usually be solved with simple and short operations. The most common causes of nasal congestion in children are allergic problems and nasal flesh. The solution is allergy treatment and adenoid removal.

The most preferred method to relieve nasal congestion is to take a hot steam shower. Mostly it works.
Drinking plenty of water ensures that the mucus that causes congestion in the nose will dilute and come out easily.
Warm compresses on the nose can help you relax as it will soften the mucus in the nose.
Using a high pillow while sleeping ensures a better quality sleep when your nose is blocked.
Consuming hot or warm herbal teas helps relieve nasal congestion.
When the nose is congested, consuming spicy foods allows the sinuses to open.
Ointments containing menthol, eucalyptus and / or camphor are useful in relieving nasal congestion.

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