These tiny blood-sucking insects send a special secretion to the human body. In adults, this secretion causes itching. It causes blistering and even flea allergy in babies and people with sensitive skin. Itching and swelling disrupt and disturb the sleep patterns of babies.

What Is Good For Flea Bites?

Fleas, which are common in dogs, cats and sheep, cause some symptoms when bitten. These symptoms are as follows:

1- Redness,

2- Bubbles,

3- Itching,

4- Burning,

5- Symptoms such as bleeding are noticeable at the first stage.

Fleas are generally annoying insects that are not comfortable during sleep. It is impossible to sleep comfortably without fleas leaving the body. Suspecting fleas should clap their clothes. If a tiny black bug pops up, the problem is fleas. The jumping feature of fleas has miraculous properties. This insect, which is a few millimeters tall, can jump 50 cm high.

Fleas, who love human blood and especially like fresh blood, cause an uncomfortable itching with the bite. This itching or allergy can last from 4 days to 8 days. Depending on the skin structure, the allergic condition may take a long time. In prolonged allergic cases, a doctor should be consulted. Doctors usually prescribe antihistamine and topical steroid-style medication.

How to Treat Flea Bite?

1- First of all, the bitten place should be washed with soap and rinsed. In this way, the dirt on the skin is cleaned. Soap has the property of cleaning harmful microorganisms.

2- After the washing process, ice therapy is applied.

Cotton ammonia can also be used instead of ice.

4- A third alternative is cologne. Cologne relieves itching and has effective properties in treating the rash.

These applications have effective properties against itching. These options can be applied sequentially.

The most important issue in combating fleas is spraying. Pet or barn-kept sheep are often the habitat of fleas. Fleas can come to your home by passing from person to person. People who raise sheep or have pets in their home can bring fleas with them when they come to your home. In such cases, the number of fleas is low. A simple spraying will eliminate it. Information should be obtained from experts in spraying fleas. It is one of the insects that are resistant to drugs.

Other treatment options for itching and allergies caused by fleas are as follows:

1- Rosemary oil has effective properties. Rosemary also has pain relieving properties. It should be massaged after it is applied to the itchy area.

2- Tea tree oil is also a very effective oil.

3- Lavender oil is also a pain reliever like rosemary. Lavender oil, known as massage oil, relieves skin pain and itching.

4- Cedar oil,

5- Raw garlic (put on itchiness) or garlic oil can also be used easily. Garlic oil can also be used safely in babies.

6- Lemon juice also has disinfection properties. Harmful microorganisms that occur in the itch area can be cleaned with lemon juice.

These treatment options, which are available at home and are very easy to supply, easily eliminate the allergic condition caused by flea bites. People who live in places where there are many fleas are immune to fleas. Fleas are insects that always need blood to survive. They also love the blood of animals.

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