What Is Good for Fire?

If the temperature of the human body is above 38 degrees, it is defined as high fever. High fever is usually an effect of the immune system against microbes that settle in the body. However, this situation should be paid more attention in babies and children. Especially in babies and children, having a fever of 40 degrees is a dangerous situation because it creates the risk of convulsion. Therefore, in this case, it is absolutely necessary to consult a health institution.

If the fever is too high, it causes the situation called remittance. This condition is usually seen in children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years. When the fever gets too high, the body temperature can rise up to 39 and 40 degrees. In such cases, children should be laid on their back facing yourself. It should be ensured that the air channels are open and the child can breathe. In addition, a health institution should be consulted immediately.

In fevers seen in adults, the best method is to take a warm shower. Antipyretic and pain relievers prescribed by physicians are also good for fever. Apart from this, there are also foods that are good for fire. These foods should be taken on doctor’s advice for children and babies. Foods that are good for fire include:

– dried nuts
– Green tea
Green foods
Dark red foods
– turmeric, ginger
Raspberry, strawberry and tangerine
– Cherries, cabbage, applesauce and beets
Walnut and hot pepper powder
– Cranberry

How Does Fire Pass?

In adults, fever seriously affects people’s lives negatively. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the fever. However, fever can cause much more serious problems in babies. The following methods can be applied to reduce fever in babies:

– In case of fever in babies, excessive clothes on the baby should be removed.
– Room temperature should be lowered to 20 degrees.
Breast milk is very important in this period. If fever occurs during breastfeeding, breastfeeding should definitely be continued. If it is not in the absorption period, liquid additives must be made.
– Antipyretic drugs prescribed by doctors should be given in appropriate doses.
– Babies and children should be showered with warm water.
– Fever should be tried to be reduced by putting a cloth on the forehead of the children.
– The temperature of children and babies should be measured frequently.
– In case of fever, it should definitely be taken to a doctor.

Most Effective Methods to Reduce Fever

It is a health problem that should be cautious in adults as well as in babies and children. It is easier to get a fever in adults than children and babies. The methods to be applied to reduce fever in homes are as follows:

– Taking a shower with warm water helps reduce the fire.
Antipyretic drugs can be used.
– Drink plenty of fluids and plenty of water.
– The nose should be kept open to allow breathing.
– Compress should be applied to the armpit area at intervals with a Cold Cloth.
– The temperature of the room should be controlled and the room temperature should be lowered.
– Going out and getting fresh air is good for high fire.
– Smoking should not be used.
– Drinks such as coffee and alcohol should be avoided.
– It should be rested for a long time.
Thin clothes should be preferred.

These methods are very effective in reducing fever. But persistent fever can be dangerous for adults as well as children. Therefore, in case of fever, a doctor should be consulted to investigate the cause and to apply appropriate treatment.

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