What Is Good for Drinking Carbonated Water?

1- It removes gas:

Consuming too much spicy, bitter and sour foods causes the stomach to fail to function properly. This causes the acid level in the stomach to increase. As a result, the person complains of burning in the throat with gas. The reason for this is that the gas in the stomach rises towards the esophagus.

Especially after dinner, drinking half a glass of carbonated water helps to relax the stomach. Minerals in baking soda balance the acid level in the stomach and prevent gas formation.

Note: It is recommended to drink carbonated water not immediately after meals, but at the earliest 1 hour later.

2- It is good for indigestion:

People who frequently suffer from indigestion are also recommended to drink carbonated water at regular intervals. Carbonate, which minimizes the damages of caffeine and acid-containing beverages in particular, ensures that foods are digested much faster. It also helps regulate intestinal activities.

3- It passes stomach burns:

Eating too fast or swallowing bites without chewing are among the common wrong eating habits. Foods swallowed without chewing cause both indigestion and heartburn, especially since the digestive systems of people aged 50 and over work slower. Like mineral water, carbonated water is a completely organic beverage and allows stomach complaints to disappear within minutes.

Just like mineral water, care should be taken not to drink carbonated water all at once and in large sips. The baking soda, which is drunk slowly with small sips, is effective in relieving heartburn and heartburn complaints.

4- It is good for oral wounds:

Many different reasons such as vitamin deficiency, not brushing the teeth regularly and flu infection can cause mouth sores. However, consuming too much acidic and extremely hot beverages also causes damage to the palate. Those who want to prevent this and treat mouth sores naturally can gargle with carbonated water 2 or 3 times a day.

Salt in baking soda is effective in healing wounds quickly and naturally. It also prevents the formation of new wounds by feeding the palate.

5- It is a natural pain reliever:

In recent studies, it has been revealed that carbonated water is a natural pain reliever. Carbonated water for joint pain, especially due to rheumatism, and muscle aches

Does Carbonated Water Lose Weight?

Adding 2 teaspoons of baking soda in half a liter of alkaline water helps to lose 4-5 kilos in a short time like 1 month. One of the most important benefits of carbonated alkaline water is that it dissolves only fat without harming the muscles.

Optionally, lemon can be added to the alkaline water and carbonate mixture. Acid and minerals in lemon are effective in burning oils faster. Carbonated alkaline water can be drunk twice a day after breakfast and dinner.

Note: According to nutritionists and doctors, no food alone can make you lose weight. People who want to lose weight in a healthy and fast way should pay attention to their diet and sleep patterns, and avoid consuming heavy things after dinner. Those who drink carbonated water can reach their ideal weight in a much shorter time by exercising and exercising at least 2 or 3 days a week.

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