What Is Good For Decayed Tooth Pain?

Decayed Toothache is one of the most complained health problems today. These pains that negatively affect daily life can cause sleeplessness at night. We can say that there are many methods that can be applied at home to the question of what is good for toothache. Some of these methods are:

– Cold Compress: In case of toothache complaints, do not apply cold compresses for about 20 minutes outside the cheek can help alleviate the pain. It is known that the cold compress numbs the painful area and therefore provides relief, and also reduces swelling against inflammation. Cold compresses can provide great relief in toothache. But it does not require a definitive solution. For this reason, it is necessary to see the dentist for the healing of decayed toothaches.

– Clove Oil: Clove structure is known to contain eugenol, a natural anesthetic. Therefore, it helps to relieve pain. Clove oil has a great effect on swelling associated with toothache. Applying clove oil to aching teeth and gums with the help of a cotton ball will help reduce toothache.

– Salt Water: Rinsing the mouth with warm salt water provides relief to aching teeth. A teaspoon of salt should be added to a glass of warm water and this mixture should be drunk in the mouth. Then water should be spit out. But it is very important that the water is not hot or cold. S must necessarily be lukewarm.

How Does The Decayed Toothache Pass?

Oral and dental care is undoubtedly very important for everyone. For this reason, the pain that occurs in tooth decays affects people very negatively. Regularly brushing teeth is the most important factor in preventing decay. Apart from this, there are some methods to reduce the pain in the decayed teeth.

One of the things to do after tooth decay is to consult the dentist doctor. For decayed toothaches, dentists will generally apply pain relief and antibiotic therapy. After regularly used antibiotics, some applications for decayed teeth can be performed by physicians. One of them is the complete cleaning of the rotten area and preventing the decay from spreading. Physicians can sometimes remove decayed teeth in persistent decayed toothaches.

Can Tooth Decay Pain Be Treated at Home?

Damage to the root of the tooth causes pain, swelling, abscess and inflammation. Filling treatment can be performed for decays in the root of the tooth. Apart from this, canal treatment can be applied by dentists. Therefore, in case of tooth decay, it is necessary to consult dentists and start the necessary treatment.

Whether tooth decay pain can be treated at home is one of the frequently asked questions. Tooth decay is not treated at home. However, there are natural methods that can be applied to reduce pain. Mint tea can be preferred to relieve toothache at home. For this, the used tea bag should be expected to cool down and when it is in a warm state, it should be applied to the rotten area.

One of the ways that can be used at home in toothache is garlic. Garlic is a food known for its medicinal properties and used in many treatments. For pain that will cause toothache, garlic can have pain relieving properties.

Apart from these, vanilla extract can also be preferred to reduce the pain of decayed teeth. It has scientifically proven antioxidant properties of vanilla extract. Gargling with oxygenated water can help relieve pain and inflammation, while oxygenated water can also reduce plaques. It is also good for gum bleeding.

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