The homeland of golden milk, known as turmeric milk, is India. Golden milk is used to relieve cold, cough and insomnia. This mixture, whose main ingredient is turmeric, is named as golden milk because of the golden yellow color it gives to milk.

Healthy oils such as black pepper, olive oil and coconut are also added to bring out the beneficial substances in turmeric.

To sweeten the golden milk, support is taken from materials such as cloves, honey, cinnamon. The resulting golden milk is a panacea.

Thanks to the curcumin in golden milk, it helps the cells to regenerate.
It removes and cleans free radicals from your body. While cleansing the body, it also beautifies the skin, helps to minimize the appearance of acne and pimples.

It helps women to have a less painful menstrual period. It also supports the secretion of hormones more regularly.
It strengthens brain functions and helps your memory to be stronger.

It helps strengthen the immune system.
It reduces the risk of children catching epidemic diseases.
It prevents fatty liver. It also supports the treatment of those with fatty liver problems.

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