What is Gluten?

Gluten is a type of protein found in oats and barley as well as wheat and barley. It is often referred to as the protein family, as it does not consist of a single protein. Gluten, which is also used as a raw material in industrial areas, causes allergic reactions and celiac disease when consumed in excessive amounts.

Gluten, which is formed by the synthesis of two separate proteins called gluten and gliadin, is used in baking bread. Their names are globulin and albumin. These two proteins are less harmful than the others and do not cause an allergic reaction. However, people with weak immune systems and low body resistance should be careful when consuming foods containing gluten.

What’s in Gluten?

Wheat flour is one of the most gluten-containing foods. Many of the pastries that are frequently consumed in daily life also contain wheat flour and gluten.


1- Pastries, which are usually made with olives and cheeses and are among the best-selling products of patisseries.
2- Pancakes, which are generally consumed for breakfast and are a light food.
3- Apple and cinnamon cookies.
4- All of the cakes made with whole wheat flour.

What Are Gluten-Containing Foods?

Although some gluten-containing foods appear healthy, they contain high amounts of gluten. Vegetable pancakes and dill pastries are examples of these foods. However, there are also varieties of these foods prepared as gluten-free for those who want to eat healthier and more consciously in recent years.

Some of the foods that are frequently consumed in daily life and contain gluten can be listed as follows:

1- Rye biscuits
2- rice with vermicelli
3-Hamburger and other fast-food type foods
4- Cake types
5- Noodle soup
6- Many desserts with sherbet, especially tel kadayif, tulumba, baklava and dilber lips
7- Potato chips
8- Cereals generally consumed with milk at breakfast
9- Semolina dessert
10- Creamy and chocolate biscuits
11- Bran and wheat breads

What Are the Harms of Gluten?

Gluten-containing foods are one of the foods that threaten human health. Celiac disease, which is seen due to gluten-based diets both in our country and worldwide, is the most dangerous of the diseases caused by this protein complex.

Apart from this, digestive system disorders such as diarrhea and constipation, indigestion, chronic fatigue and sudden weight loss are among the damages of gluten.

What Foods Can You Eat Instead of Gluten?

1- Potato:

People who want to eat a healthy and balanced diet and consume gluten-free foods can eat potatoes once or twice a week. Consuming too much french fries should also be preferred in the oven, as it causes many serious ailments, especially obesity and cardiovascular obstruction.

Note: Potatoes fried with frozen oil, riviera and sunflower oil are just as harmful as gluten, according to nutritionists. For this reason, it is recommended to use extra virgin and natural olive oil in fries.

2- Cornmeal dishes and pastries

Among the foods recommended for those who want to eat gluten-free are pastries and meals made using corn flour. Leeks, lentil patties and whole wheat rice are often preferred because they do not contain gluten and do not gain weight.

Apart from these meals, rice varieties made with brown rice, gluten-free chocolate and fruit desserts can be consumed at regular intervals.

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